Monday, October 6, 2014

Munhava 60th week - October 6, 2014

We had divisions this week and it was the most solid day I have had on my mission. I was with Elder Olsen who is from my MTC group. We had lessons every hour from 14H to 20H. It was a really nice full day.

We also taught the Plan of Salvation to Vxxxx and Dxxxxxxx. Vxxxx is the first person I have taught who told us he had given thought as to where he came from, why we are here and where we are going. Needless to say it was a very nice lesson. Thursday, we had another amazing lesson with them. In fact, it was the best part of my day. As always before we started our lesson, we asked if they had any questions. As always, Elder Borne and I were blown away by the level of their questions. For example, Vxxxx said, “So the Book of Mormon is made up of four plates. The plates of Nephi, the brass plates, The plates of Either, and the plates of Mormon. What exactly are the plates of Mormon?” We answered, then he said, “Mormon, he passed the plates on to his son, Moroni and gave him tasks, what were his tasks?” It was amazing. I do believe that Vxxxx and Dxxxxxxx will be super strong members of the church. We met with them again on Saturday afternoon, We had a really great lesson, again. Vxxxx and Dxxxxxxx asked some real awesome questions. I love teaching them.

Tuesday Elder Dille came to help clean the opening in my incision. It was pretty painful. Two days later I was having a lot of pain. When I changed the bandage I discovered blisters all around the open part of my incision. It turns out that I had a not so great allergic reaction to the “wound cleaner” spray. Oops and ouch.

Zxxx and Axxxxx are great. We had such a great lesson with them this week.

In district meeting Elder Olsen gave a good lesson on following the spirit in the “Maze of Missionary Work”. It was a really last district meeting for the transfer. Afterwards we had a bunch of good lessons.

We had a nice first lesson with a man and his wife, Rxxxxxxxx and Axx. They were accepting and so smart.

We also had a good lesson with Rxxxxxx and Axx. They are still diligent and working on documents so that they can get married.

We visited Rxxxxxx and Lxxx. They seem like they will progress. We also had another first lesson with Fxxxxxx and Mxxxxxx.

Saturday we had a baptism. Some other branches had weddings and baptisms as well. All together, 24 people were baptized at the service. The weddings and baptisms took the majority of our day.

Afterwards, our district went to lunch. On our way we got stuck behind a Frelimo political party parade.  But it was a beautiful day and it was overcast and breezy.

I am sorry to say that Elder Borne and I saw a sad (but unusual) thing one day while walking. There was a dead cat on the side of the road. It had been dead long enough that it had started going through rigor mortis. It reminded me of the way Harley (Elder Kanaga’s dog at here at home) twitches while she is dreaming. There were a couple of times that the cat would be pretty still, then right as someone was passing by, it would twitch (muscle-spasm) which scared the person passing by.

Elder Kanaga has eleven transfers under his belt!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Munhava 59th week - September 29, 2014

Email, it is such a huge blessing – miracle - mercy to be able to communicate over 12,000 miles more-or-less instantly. I love that on p-day I get to email! On P-day, we had a first lesson with Mxxx. His wife wasn’t home but it went good and we re-marked for Wednesday.

Tuesday was my birthday. Para-bens para mim, para-bens para mim. Para bens neste dia feliz Para-bens para mim. I am 20, I’m old.  One of the elders in the house made Frango Escondidio or “hidden chicken”. I am definitely making that for my family when I get home. 

This week we had lessons and contacting but not a full “normal day”. We had some lessons with Vxxxx and Dxxxxxxx. On Tuesday a member was present. The member is Mxxxxx, he shared his conversion story and most of the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel, law of chastity and a couple of other things. Vxxx and Dxxxxxxx seemed to become more interested as he shared. They came to church on Sunday and I think they will progress well.

False advertising! The poster says "Free English classes. The classes have an enrollment fee of 1000mt.
Our classes are advertised as and actually are 100% Free!

We cleaned the chapel for Zone conference which took an entire morning. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it was “Armed Forces Day” (a national holiday) and 95% of people were “celebrating”. After cleaning the church, we gave Dxxxxxxx the last lesson and went to teach the English class. We did contacting and went home 2 hours early per President Kretly’s orders. He wanted us to be super well rested and attentive for Zone Conference. He asked that every missionary be home and in bed two hours early.

Elder Kanaga with Elder and Sister Snelson at Zone Conference.

Zone Conference was so good. Of course there was a lot of missionary camaraderie and catching up while we waited for President Kretly to arrive. President went over the first three of “7 habits of highly effective people”. He taught us to
 #1 Be proactive.
 #2 Start with the objective in mind.
 #3 Focus on first things first.
President Kretly’s teachings and trainings are always awesome.

Elder Conde was a young man who walked  and taught with Elder Kanaga and
his companion as a member when they were in Manga. Right now, he is serving
in Mozambique. Very soon he will be leaving to complete his mission in Angola! 

The next day, we had interviews with President Kretly. I am so grateful for the biggest miracle that happened on the way to interviews. As we were walking past TPM (the public bus transit company), I heard a whistle, I turned to find my dear Txxxx Lxxx Dxxxx He is looking very good. He looks so much younger. He looks youthful! It was such a happy experience to see him. It was literally a miracle.

Mama Editor: This was Elder Kanaga’s first family to teach and see married and baptized. He has often expressed love and concern for this family. In personal email, Elder Kanaga told me that Txxxx was now the 2nd counselor in his branch presidency. He loves to see the change that has blessed the Dxxxx family’s life.

Church was so good on Sunday. Afterwards, we had some really good lessons. Zxxx and Axxxxx are getting their documents ready and really working toward getting married. I hope to see that happen. We had a really effective meeting with the branch president Sunday.

The biggest problem I have right now is that my incision still hasn’t quit bleeding. I don’t have any idea how to stop it. Other than that, I had a good P-day, a good B-day, and a super good week.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Munhava 58th week - September 22, 2014

It was a hectic P-day last week and during internet the power cut out because a transformer blew up. We shopped and got haircuts. Unfortunately all of our lessons fell through.

Tuesday was better lesson wise we had some fall through but not all. I did divisions in our area with Elder Walker,  Elder Bourne went with Elder Olsen. We went to visit Dxxxxxxx and taught him about fasting and, of course, he understood it all perfectly. I was quite surprised how well Elder Walker already speaks Portuguese. It is amazing and it is only his second transfer.

Wednesday we started by doing contacts in the morning. We were super blessed to get a lot of them.
We taught a first lesson with a wonderful couple, Dxxxxxxa and Axxxxx. I am not 100% sure why it was so different or amazing but it was. The spirit was so strong. They understood everything we taught and when or if they didn't, they would ask questions. At the end of the lesson we asked them to be baptized. They had a couple of small questions but accepted with excitement. During our second lesson with them we taught about the Priesthood. Dxxxxxxx understood so well that he compared the Priesthood to  a key that opens a door. He said without the key, (or Priesthood) we can’t open the door to truth. I was so impressed.

We had a lesson with Vxxx and Dxxxxxxx. They are a reference from some other investigators. It was a good  lesson.

We had a lesson with Pxxxxx and Axx. He said his boss is back in Beira which means he will finally get paid and can get to work on their documents. It was a great lesson because they are reading and understanding the Book of Mormon.

We also had a lesson with a new family, Mxxxxx and Gxxxxxxx which was awesome. The lesson went really well. They are a really good family. Our second lesson with them didn't go as well. I am not quite sure why, but it was sad. But we had a great lesson with Zxxx and Axxxxxx. Zxxx plans on getting his documents next week. I really hope he does.

This past week we have not had dependable running water. The blessing is that four times daily Fipag forces water for 1 hour. That hour is when we fill water bottles and do dishes.

Sunday I gave a talk on “The Covenant People of the Lord” and although it was pouring rain we had families who walked through the down-pour to come to church. For one of the families it was their first time coming to church. I was impressed with these families. Our day following meetings was pretty solidly laid out but a bit of it fell through. We did have a miraculous lesson on Sunday for two reasons #1 it went through, #2 Pxxxxx finally got paid and said he is going to start working on his documents tomorrow!

We taught English class that went fairly well. I am really very impressed with how well some people can pick up English. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Munhava 57th week - September 15, 2014

Oh the Monday that wasn't P-Day. It was good, but it was not P-Day because of a National Holiday. We walked (a lot) and contacted, and had one pretty good lesson. Then we had a couple lessons fall. We had a really forte (strong) lesson with Nxxxxx and Fxxxx. They were being pressured by family to not get married until they fix up their house. So we really had to gently but firmly guide their attention back to following Christ.

Tuesday was a pretty good P-Day. I mean Tuesday P-Days are always a bit odd, but it was good. Internet - I got a virus on my card and lost all my pictures from since I got back from South Africa. It also will not let me store any pictures on it. While we were out doing our proselytizing, we saw the Mozambican version of a “swirly”. Some poor little kid was being threatened by his older brother to be dipped in the putrid water on the path side.

Wednesday, had some good lessons. One was a good lesson reading the Book of Mormon with Lxxx and Mxxxxxx. Another lesson with a new family, and one with Zxxx & Axxxxx. We taught them about the Law of Chastity which they accepted. They planned to start on documents Thursday. We were to sit with Zxxx & Axxxxx again on Saturday. We taught him, she actually wasn't there, but they have already started on their documents. We just taught the Law of Chastity Wednesday and they had the faith to jump on it and start the paper to get married! Boom! Legit.

On 9-11, I could very clearly remember writing about 9-11 last year, sitting at my desk in Manga, in my first transfer. It is a day I will never forget watching the plane strikes and towers fall. I can remember that day clearly like it just happened. Crazy. 

Thursday, we did some contacting in the morning and finally got in contact with Dxxxxxxx, which is awesome because it has almost been one whole week. So we passed by his house before we taught English class. Then we visited Rxxxxxx & Axx. She prayed for the first time in Portuguese. We also went to visit the Mxxxxxx family. Jxxxxxx got called to the Dominican Republic and Jxxxxxx from the Maraza Branch, got his call to South Africa Johannesburg! Whoop! They will be leaving in November and December.

Friday, we had “Zone Training” first thing in the morning. Sadly our day out in the area wasn't solid, a lot fell. When we first got out to the area literally everyone we called or tried to pass by, dropped on us. We also had a member with us starting at 18H and that lesson fell too. Finally at 19H we sat with Nxxxxx & Fxxxx. I’m real worried about them because he is having quite a few problems with the Sabbath Day. He is a truck mechanic. So we are really trying to help him see and develop a testimony about sacrificing and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. 

We went to another family, Jxxxxxx & Axxx. She doesn’t speak Portuguese which makes teaching them super difficult.

Saturday we did some contacting and had a great lesson in the morning.  As we were going Zxxx & Axxxxx's house we saw a HUGE “MDM” parade, it was gi-norm-ous. We did  a little division. Elder Azevedo was sick so Elder Walker and I went to my and his areas, and Elder Bourne and Azevedo stayed home. I really like Elder Walker and his area reminded me so much of Manga! We visited a lot of families and I think it went very good.

Oh Sundays… they stress me out so very much... but we were blessed. We somehow got five families at church. Whoop! Blessings.  After church, as we were waking in our area we had to walk right through the middle of a “P.D.D.” parade and we saw a Frelimo Parade. All of our lessons fell through until the end of the night, but we had a super good meeting with President Mafaisse.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Munhava 56th week - September 8, 2014

Not my best P-day. I washed five of my white shirts with my black socks and blue towel. 

On the bright-ish side, as we were walking around contacting a motor cycle flew by super fast. His phone literally flew out of his pocket. A passing car missed it by 3-inches. We picked it up and put it together. We tried calling but it had no credit so we waited. He ended up calling us and we told him where to find us. He was really grateful and said he would come to church.

The political campaigns are getting going. We see lots of people wearing Frelimo, MDM and Renamo shirts. Plus a man wearing a Bass Pro hat, it funny to see that in Mozambique. We also saw around 25 “nuns” get out of one chapa and proceed down the road. The best part is that some of them were carrying cases of beer on their heads.

This week we had some good lessons and contacting this week in the Lord’s Mozambican “Vineyard”.

Sunday we have a miracle. We had ten investigators show up, including 3 families. We also spent Sunday visiting recent converts. They are all doing really well. We had a really good visit with Axxxxxx and Dxxx. Usually the lessons with them are a bit frustrating, however, Sunday it went quite nicely. We reviewed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spoke a bit about the temple in “persevere until the end” part. They were genuinely interested in going to the temple. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Munhava 55th week - September 1, 2014

I have been transferred to Munhava so up to Beira again! I will be honest it is very exciting, although I was a bit nervous and such. After transfers we met up with our whole district plus Sister Nazho and Gimo for lunch at Mimmo’s. It was fun and really tasty. I packed and got a ride to the airport from the office elders. The dear Snelsons picked me and Elder Adams up and took us to our respective houses. I unpacked and discovered my checked luggage had been jacked. I am not happy about that! 

However, it was a full day that was fast and full of surprises. I am interested to see what this new transfer has in store.  

My new companion, Elder Borne, showed me our area. We had some really good lessons with some really solid investigators. We had great lessons and some good contacts this week.

We had some encounters with drunks mostly harmless but one guy walking by us was muttering to himself “I kill people. I kill People. I got my knife and kill people. I kill people”. Another time a drunken woman approached and kept yelling at me that her life was a wreck. I tried telling her she could fix it but she kept cutting me off. Then out of nowhere she knelt down and acted like she was worshipping me. I also had a couple of ten year old girls who said they wanted to date me… Yep, I had some weird experiences.

On Sunday at church I found out we have a really good branch. We have a good Elder’s Quorum President, Principles of the Gospel teacher and so forth.   We had a lot of recent convert lessons.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Johannesburg, South Africa and Maputo Mozambique 54th week - August 25, 2014

This week was full. Monday after emailing we met up with a couple of other missionaries and went to Snake City. It was really cool. They had 12 of South Africa’s most deadly snakes.

The rest of the week was full of lessons and tracting. Honestly tracting in Johannesburg is harder and more discouraging than Mozambique. People turn you down in a hard way. “Hey we’re the missionaries and want to share our message with you” – “Well good luck with that but not at this house”.

Some of the highlights of the week were:
  • Emailing with super fast and cheap internet
  • A P-Day visit to Snake City
  • Lxxxx, a 17 year old member helped us teach, and man was he POWERFUL! I was amazed at the things he knew and his maturity. He will be an awesome missionary. 
  • Sing with the residents at a retirement home. 
  • Dinner appointments with some really incredible families

I am so thankful for the time and experience in South Africa, Johannesburg.

I flew back to Maputo on Friday. Here is something that is comical to me, from Johannesburg to Maputo - we took off, finished our ascent, they serve a little lunch, collect the lunch trays, then start the descent. We were in the air for only 40 minutes. 

The office elders “fetched” me from the airport, I quickly unpacked and we got to work. I will be honest, I loved the “car” treatment in Joburg, but I like walking better. I am also overjoyed to be speaking Portuguese again. I really did miss it.  

Sunday after church I did some baptismal interviews for Rxx and Nxxxx. They are solid investigators and will be a huge strength to the branch here. Their knowledge and testimonies are so strong and full. It was a really nice experience for me.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Maputo, Mozambique and Johannesburg, South Africa 53rd week - August 18th 2014

P-day was crazy We ran to the office and did a very shortened email. Then the assistants dropped me off at the airport. I check in and waited for my flight. It was a nice quick flight to Johannesburg. President Dunn, who is the mission president of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission, was there to pick me up. We drove back to the mission office. I helped Sister Dunn do some filing, then Elder Wilkerson and Elder Edayoach picked me up. We went shopping then to our meal appointment/Family Night at the Pienaar home. It was a lot of fun. They have a very nice “flat”. One hard thing here is the accent. I have a really hard time understanding.

Elder Edayoach, Elder Kanaga, Brother Pienaar, Pienaar brothers and Elder Wilkerson
Tuesday we spent seven hours at the hospital waiting. I had to get another ultrasound. By the time we left the hospital, I had been without food for 15 hours so we ate a really good meal at a place called “Mexican Fresh”. Wow, so good. Then we headed to a lesson where I realized that I really miss speaking Portuguese. I was having a difficult time speaking the missionary lessons in English. I had an especially hard time praying aloud in English. I kept wanting to switch to Portuguese, but what a great time.

We spent the rest of Tuesday “knock” doors which consisted of buzzing and speaking through the intercom system and getting 100% rejected. That was sad but I really ejoyed getting to serve with Wilkerson and Elder Edayoach and it was a really cool experience of serving a little bit of my mission in South Africa. What a unique opportunity. Tuesday evening we had a dinner appointment and then some visits including a man from Zimbabwe. I now have friends all over the world.
Before Surgery

 Wednesday I was checked into the hospital and waited a good six and a half hour before getting going into the operating room. This was my very first surgery and I was unconscious before I knew it then just as quick I woke up with extreme pain in my abdomen. The nurse was so kind and kept telling me they had given me painkiller, but it wasn’t kicking in, I smiled, and then grimaced as for no apparent reason my muscles tensed inflicting fresh pain. They gave me a meal but I wasn’t hungry. By the time I ate it had been over 24 hours.

After Surgery
Thursday I woke up, slept, woke up. I didn’t feel like I had very good sleep the night before between the pain and the nurses checking on me. Doctor Mirzo, the kind surgeon came to check on me and told me that I wouldn’t be leaving the hospital today and heading back to Mozambique Friday as planned. I was surrounded by good people. The Muslims on the one side of me were very concerned, always asking if I needed anything. The Australians on the other side of me were just as kind. 
Elder Kanaga so grateful to be drinking non-shelf-stable milk!
Friday I was released from the hospital with a follow up visit planned for the 25th. So that would be another week and a half here. Oh well, come what may and love it! I went to district meeting with Elders Wilkerson and Edayoach. Then lessons and visits and stuff. We had dinner with a member family. I was having pain from the surgery. I was so sore!

Saturday we started the day off with some service at an orphanage. Through Mormon Helping Hand, the ward here put on a little fair for all of the children. I manned a spot at the “face painting” booth. It was such a shock between Mozambique and here. It was raining and really cold.

Mama Editor: Sister Pienaar sent me this link from the service activity. You can see Elder Kanaga for a few seconds at the 3:14 mark!

Helping Hands: Randburg Ward

After the service activity we got dressed in proselytizing clothes and headed out. One lesson was up three flights of stairs which was hard but, worse than the stairs (on my incision) was the hilarious remark made when I reached the top of the stairs. Laughing was so intensely painful that it took me to the ground.

Sunday I felt like I was in church in the states. After church we had a wonderful lunch with a member and her married children. One couple had a little girl named ILo (not sure of the spelling) who was so cute and funny. It made me think of Eisley. It was probably the closest I will get to meeting EIsley Monster before I get home. Then we had a couple of appointments. We had dinner with a recent convert which was a wonderful meal of chips and cookies, sorry mom J

Monday, August 11, 2014

Maputo 52nd week - August 11, 2014

Ahhh… I do love Preparation Days. This one was a bit hectic though. We did studies in the morning, then we left to email.  The internet was super slow and got cut off at the end, so sadly I did not get to say good bye to my dear mother. I am sure she is probably worrying about me. I hate leaving her hanging like that. But, on the interesting side, the decision has been made to do the “operation” to take care of my hernia. That will be real nice to have it out of the collection of things I have to worry about. We went to Axxxxx & Mxxxxx Jxxxxx’s house. That was pretty fun. We played a lot of games and had a great time. Everyone had fun. Axxxxx is a huge muscular guy that is super serious. I have never seen him laugh or joke. But tonight he was, and he was quite funny too. It was nice reminder to always have fun, and to not judge people on first impressions.

Tuesday we started the day out solid with personal study and a lesson. The lesson however, was not the world’s best. This dear son of God was more interested in having a debate about where the Garden of Eden was than learning about the Lords Restored Gospel. Luckily for us we were with Vxxxxxx, a returned missionary in our branch. He helped out a whole lot! After that we had lunch, the rest of our studies, and headed back out for the rest of this scorching hot, bone-dry day. I will admit it wasn’t as hot as it was in November and December in Manga, but those months are still coming. The rest of the day went quite well in all honesty. We had four more lessons, two of which we had our newest member Dxxxxx Mxxxxxx with us to help teach and testify. And man is he powerful! He has quite a background in religion, meaning he has been through the gamut of many different churches, and he knows a lot. I can see us asking for his help in lessons a whole lot. So something I have been trying is to be more sincere. Actually too go deep down into my heart, individually for each person I contact and teach, instead of just contacting or teaching (which happens sometimes out of tiredness). But wow does it truly make a all the difference.

Wednesday we left the house right at eight to walk to the Mission Office for the Mission Leadership Training. The training was incredible. President Kretly taught a lot about how to leave a legacy. He taught about hard work, loving service, and kind acts. He talked about persevering and adapting through change and trials. He shared the stories of two people. One was an amazing Brazilian surfboarder, who at 14 or 15 years old lost one of his legs. He still wanted to surf but couldn’t take his prosthetic into the salt water. He worked and worked and developed a method of surfing with one leg and one hand. The other story is the founder of Jet Blue in America and its equivalent, Azul, in Brazil. He is a member of the Church and is never afraid to bring up the church at every opportunity. He also isn’t afraid of work. As the owner of two huge airlines, he serves passengers and helps clean the plan after the flight. Needless to say it was a super good meeting. After that I went to talk to President about the hernia situation. I’ll be going to South Africa Monday to get my hernia taken care of.

Thursday really early I had to go to the immigration office with nine other Elders, Lynn, Ebmeyer, Roberts, Christiansen, Gage, and Hatfield to renew our “D.I.R.E.S” and Elder DeSouza and Carvalho to apply for theirs. We got to immigration at 8H and had to stay there until about 12:30H. Ugh. So it was a lot of sitting and waiting, but in the end, was good. It was nice to talk to a lot of the Elders from my group; none of us could believe that we have (almost) been in the country for one year. For me one year will be on August 11th.

I thought Friday would be a normal day in the area, joke! Ugh. First off we had District Meeting. That went well. Then we came home for lunch and studies. Then Nxxxx Uxxxxxx came over with an electrician and a plumber to more or less make a quote and a list on the things that the house needs to get fixed. That took a whole bunch of time. Ugh. Finally at about 16H we got out to the area. Unfortunately to be very sad, pretty much all of our lessons fell through so that is pretty depressing. I am super tired of having everything fall through, especially when we have a member with us! I mean what the heck! But is Bem. I guess I can’t stress too much about it. I can just do everything in my power and trust in the Lord for the rest.

Saturday we had a day packed full of lessons, however, they all fell through. I just don’t quite know what to do about that. I feel like Elder Mistola and I are doing all the things that we are supposed to, but everything is still just crashing down. I don’t know but I hope that it gets better. But, something interesting happened today, as we were sitting on rocks trying to call a lesson a young woman walked up to us. She said she wanted a Book of Mormon. After asking a couple of questions, we found out that she is an investigator from Magoanine that is visiting her brother. So we got the reference of her brother and gave her a Book of Mormon.

Sunday church went nicely, after church we had lunch and some studies. Then we went out to have some lessons and guess what? They DIDN’T all fall through! Glory Halleluiah! We had two pretty good lessons today with Jxxxxxx was with us, it went nice. However still two of our lessons fell through. But I would much prefer to have half of the lessons fall through as opposed to all of them.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Maputo 51st week - August 4, 2014

On P-day we went bowling. It was only really inexpensive. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure that it is cheaper than in America. It was so fun, I found out that I am not a super good bowler but it was really fun. After grocery shopping, Elder Carvalho and I played a lot of checkers. I actually like checkers. Elder Mistola and I had a family night with Rxxx and Lxxxx and their family. It was good to have the chance to help them #1 know how to have a family night and #2 help them start the tradition.

Tuesday in all honesty was a miracle. We had a nice full day with some really good lessons and contact. I finally was able to get a hold of the Private hospital to make my appointment with the surgeon to check out my hernia. We had one lesson marked in the morning that fell through so we contacted for a couple of hours, ate lunch, had companionship study and got out to the area. We sat with Sxxxxx, a contact. Turns out he is single, no wife or kids. It was a great lesson.

We were waiting for  Cxxxxx, a “youth”” in our branch (who is leaving on his mission to Cabo Verde soon) when a really old Machambo Mamma walked up to us. Her back was bent at a 90° angle. She spoke flawless Portuguese and told us “My son, do not walk at night!”

Cxxxxxx went with us to teach a lesson to  Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx. That turned out to be an incredible lesson. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dxxxxx is astounding. He hit everything on the head. He knows exactly what faith and repentance are and how baptism has to be done by the proper authority. Cxxxxx bore a super powerful testimony. Then we sat with a new family Mxxxxxxx and Fxxxxxxxx. They were very nice. We asked Mxxxxxxx to say the closing prayer; he was really nervous but did. It is amazing how just  1 step of faith can lead to a path of confidence, trust and love.

Wednesday I started out a bit pessimistic, our first lesson fell though and I thought “It’s going to be another one of those days” but I am grateful to say Heavenly Father proved me wrongJ. We sat with Mxxxxxxxx again, we had a great lesson with him. Later we had a quick lesson with Dxxxxx. We were so blessed to have Axxxxxx sacrifice 4 hours of his day to walk with us. He is truly an awesome young adult. He just put in his mission papers. I cannot wait to find out where he gets called.

The best part of the day came at the end. We were on our way home, walking down the road. When a man stopped us and asked “I am sorry, but could I talk to you for a couple of minutes?” His heritage was not Mozamabiçan. He explained that he and his wife of 12 years had an argument. They hadn’t heard from each other in a week. He asked our advice on how to fix it. We shared our counsel and the Gospel. I hope it works out for him. You could really tell how much he loves her and wants a happy family again. It was a very special experience for me.

I had oddest experience. As we were walking by a car mechanic shop, I saw my brother Dallin. I had to look TEN times because this man looks EXACTLY like Dallin. (just with olive skin). He had the same build, features and everything. Talk about being made trunky in a split second… but hey, life!
Thursday, we had district leader meeting/training in Moagoanini. Elder Poyfair offered us a ride. It was a really nice meeting. We went directly from the meeting to the hospital Privado. President and Sister Kretly met us there. I had a “consultation” with Doctor Polacios. President Kretly sat in on that, which I am so very grateful for. So the breakdown is this, my hernia is still “small” however, it can be just as problematic as a large one. The doctor told president and I that it could become a problem tomorrow or in 5 years. It is an unpredictable thing.

Friday, What a day! First thing in the morning we ran to the Registro and got the procecesses started. I am so happy that the governmental bureaucracy part is finished. Now we just have to plan to make sure the wedding and baptisms go well. After the Registro we had district meeting then baptismal interviews with Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx then again with Dxxxxx and Mxxxx. That all worked out nicely. Then we ran with Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx to a member couple’s home (He is American she is Brazilian, he works for the US Embassy) to see if the wedding dress she has would work for Ixxxxx and thankfully it did. I was so grateful the crazy search for a dress for Ixxxx is complete. We found out that one couple has a cake but the other doesn’t so we tried and failed to make a cake it was horrible. What is important is that they are being married so that they can make sacred covenants with God.

July flew by way to quicky. Saturday was a wonderful Wedding/Baptism day! Whoo-Hoo! It was awesome. Both couples looked great, and it all worked out very nicely. It amazed me how with our limited perspective, we cannot see how in the world things can work out, but God has a very different way of looking at things. He already knows the end from the beginning. And we just have to do our best and simply trust in him and his wisdom. The weddings went great! The baptism also went great. It did take a super long time though. A wedding that was supposed to start at 12H  didn’t start until 14H and went until 16:30H. Bem Vindo á Missáo (Welcome to the Mission).  But it was good. After the wedding Elder Mistola and I came home for our studies. We made a goal to do studies every single day. It is a commandment. Not to mention very very important to study daily.

Holy smokes! Another one bites the dust! The weeks are just flying by. Today was good, whoop! Sadly our number of investigators at church dropped by 4. But I would much rather have them as members than investigator J. We had a whopping 189 people there today, so many people that I, Elder Mistola, Elder Carvacho, and Sister Merkley ended up standing for all of Sacrament Meeting, it went real well. The rest of the day was nice we walked with Irmão Reis for three pretty decent lessons. The first one was interesting. We decided on the spot to talk about the Law of Chastity, in the first lesson. I don’t know, I felt like it was right, but I don’t know how well it went.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Maputo 50th week - July 28, 2014

Another week without a blog update. On personal email he said they get lots of contacts but the lessons fall through.

UPDATE: Again he sent the post later and I am just getting it updated

P-Day we went to Matola to play one of the funnest games of my life “Gator-Ball”. It is a crazy mix of soccer, football, and basketball. It is a whole lot of fun and makes you think a lot more than any other sport. I am definitely taking gator-ball back to play in the USA. We ate lunch at KFC did our emailing and then grocery shopping at Premier. Best of all, when we got home, I did something I should have done a very very long time ago. I called my dear Txxxx and Axx (a couple that was married and baptized when he was working in Manga) He was so happy to hear from me. He is the second counselor in the branch presidency and sounded like he is doing so very good. I am going to try and make it a habit to call Txxxx and Axx, the Jovens from T-3, Members and Investigators from Maxixe. Because #1 It is my responsibility and #2 I love them and want to know how they’re all doing.

Some days being a missionary is just simply difficult. To be honest, I was pretty darn discouraged Tuesday, not only was it the 4th day in a row that all of our lessons fell through, but the 4th day in a row  that all of our lessons fell thought while we were with a member. I have no idea what we are doing wrong, but it is killing me. I just feel like I am powerless, oh wait I actually am a mortal, and therefore am powerless, but I don’t know what to change. We are getting our contacts, and I feel good about a lot of them when I get them, but then for one reason or another, when we call to mark, none of them work out. It is really really frustrating to feel like you are doing it all right, but it is all going wrong. We call and confirmed our lesson at lunch, then when we got out to the area, they all fall . I don’t know what to do from here on out. I guess just keep pushing forward.

Wednesday morning we had to go to the Registro to talk to the lady who opens the process.  she will help us to get both of our couples married on the 2nd of August. In terms of lessons of the 3.5 we marked we were able to teach 2. We managed to get a member with us. The first one was a bit odd, he was ready to argue his guns were o blazing but we didn’t get hooked, just plainly shared truth and left with a prayer. We found out another Dupla (companionship) is coming to Maptuo 1.

Thursday was a day full of miracles. We started out the day headed to the Registro, ready to open twp processes of Marriage. Then everything started falling apart, Dxxxxx and Mxxxx didn’t have money, Dxxxxx (the husband of Ixxxxx) was at work. This, that and the other, everything was going bad. Then it all started coming together. A member of the branch decided to financially help Dxxxxx and Mxxxx so they could open the process. Dxxxxx (the husband of Ixxxxx) got permission to leave work to come open the process. Everything came though. It was awesome! Both couples successfully opened the process for the 2nd of August. Whoop!

I am so very happy and excited, and it just proves Nephi is right. The Lord always provides a way to follow his commandments. On top of our miracles, we had a pretty sound day lesson wise. Axxxxxx, a super awesome Joven (Solteiro that’s prepping for a his mission) walked with us. We got in some really great lessons. Plus, we had a really nice first lesson with Pxxxx and his brother Nxx. Unfortunately his wife, Qxxxx, was still at work. They were nice, I really hope they turn into some solid investigators. It was a miracle day.

Very late Thursday night we got the new Dupla they are both Brazilians. Elder Barroso and Elder Carvalho (who just got in from Brazil) are super nice and fun. It will be nice to have another companionship in the house.

Friday we had District Meeting, which I personally felt went well. I mean I haven’t heard anyone complaining yet so that’s good. Unfortunately Elder Mistola and I could not manage to mark a lesson in the hours of 14H to 16H so we contacted until our lesson at 17h. We have half of the area now which is a huge blessing. We are keeping Maxaquene.  Elders Barroso and Carvahla are talking the area of Polana Caniço. So that will really help us out a ton. Our lessons that night went well. We had a member Jxxxxxx with us. He is recently married and baptized and a super awesome member to teach with.

Saturday we had a lesson with a recent convert with Dxxx and Ixxxxx. It was the last “temple-prep” lesson that went nicely. Then we took Dxxx with us for the other lessons. Sadly all but one fell though. I got one of the happiest phone calls of my mission. It was from Jxxxx (from Maxixe) telling me that Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx got married. WHOOP! I can’t wait for pictures on Monday.
Then we had an awkward lesson with Hxxxxxxx. We taught him the law of chastity and he told us about how he doesn’t have a wife, but he has a few “friends” he calls over sometimes. He said he would stop though, so that is quite a blessing. Sometimes the missionary lesson are a bit awkward.

Sunday we got the time and place solidified for the weddings. I am so excited, they are so ready follow God’s commandments. Church was nice, but then our lessons fell though. We spent some time trying to mark more lessons but sadly none of our contacts worked out. That is always a bit of a downer. However, we still had a great day. We visited Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx. On the way there we ran into a member family who were also on their way to Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx’s house. That was a nice blessing, we were able to get in our last member present lesson for the week.

New Elders in the district and in the house

The design is one he drew and I had put on a t-shirt for him. Unfortunately, now an
extra large hangs on him. Maybe I will have put the logo on a large or medium shirt
and send it for his birthday or Christmas.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Maputo 49th week - July 21, 2014

Update: Although he wasn't able to send an entry at the time, Elder Kanaga has since sent an entry for July 14th through the 20th. Enjoy!

OH P-DAY yup I do love a good preparation day. It is always such a good rest and rejuvenation. Not to mention the fact that now I get to do my shopping at Premier. And WOW Premier is really nice. Our internet place was really bad. I hope that there is another one for next week I literally couldn't stand up without hitting my head on the ceiling and what is worse is that the computer wouldn't read my flash drive so I couldn't send any pictures home. I cleaned the house and went through all the expired meds left in the bathroom and trashed them. I neatly organized everything. Then we did contacts and had a lesson with a part-member family.

Tuesday was good Dxxxxx and Mxxxx sadly are having money problems. I am worried if they are going to be able to succeed in getting everything done in time for their wedding date on 7/26. I really hope so! We  did contacts in the morning. After personal studies and lunch. We did companion study and left for a nice long walk to Sxxxx’s house. He lives a good 1 hour walk from our house. After that, we had a lesson that fell through, which ended up being a blessing because as we were walking, we received a phone call from the APS. They had Elder Mendes with them and needed to drop him off with us. So we had to run home and pick him up then head back for an absolutely amazing follow up Law of Chastity lesson. It was with our other couple, Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx. They blew my mind, they really took it straight to heart.  Dxxxxx already talked to his family about it. On his own, he explained that he was getting married to obey God’s commandment. They accepted. He also explained the same thing to her family. They also accepted. He is going to, or hopefully already started on the documents. Namely the Declaraçlaracão  de bairro, tonight! I was sad to leave my awesome families in Maxixe but I am super happy I found more families to teach here.

Wednesday,  we started off with no electricity which continued for the entire day. Miracles happen so I can’t complain - as we were waiting for a member, Axxxxx to go teach a lesson with us, we ran into Dxxxxx, Ixxxxx’s husband. He was returning from the Chefe do Bairro’s home with his Declaraçlaracão  de bairro. Tomorrow we will be going with his wife to the Municipio to get their Atestado da Residência. After that, all that is left is to open the process. Woo hoo!  I really think that they are going to succeed in getting everything in line to get married and baptized on the 26th of July. We passed by Dxxxxx and Mxxxx’s house. He managed to get enough money for the Atestado da Residência as well we will be going with Mxxxx and Ixxxxx to get their Atestados.  Wow that is awesomeness! It  was a pretty productive day. We had 4 good lessons and we sat with a new family from a contact I met yesterday, Bxxxxxxx and Mxxxxxxxx. We had a very good lesson with them. I hope to see them progress, but we will see. Wednesday was my niece Eisley’s one year mark in life. Para-Bens Eisley  Monster!

Thursday was pretty good, we went with Ixxxxx to the Registo and the Muncipo. We first went to the Registro to start getting Dxxxxx certidão made. Then we ran down to the Muncipio to get the Atestado da Residência. Sadly we will have to push the wedding and baptism back one week because of the Certidão de Nascimento for Dxxxxx won’t be ready until Tuesday morning. That’s okay; everything is going well with their documents. We had a really good lesson with them that night. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation. They had some good questions. One of Dxxxxx’s questions was “Is there really Hell, where people are burning with fire?” When I asked him where he thought we came from, he answered 100% perfectly correct. I almost thought he had read Preach My Gospel. It was a really good lesson. I am really quite happy to get to participate in their conversion.

Friday we had district meeting in the morning. I was happy with it. When I ended it, I felt like it went well. I am having a hard time getting lessons in this area. My companion is still way new and I don’t know our investigators well enough yet to get the marking down perfect. However, I am starting to get it all solidified. We had another good lesson with Bxxxxxxx. We taught about the Book of Mormon. He understood the “two points” example really well, but had a lot of good question to go along with it all. Then we had a lesson with an OLD (time being taught) investigator, Axxxxxx. It went good, but I am really worried, I don’t want him to turn into one of those “Eternal Investigators”

Saturday morning we did studies and headed out for a lesson with Jxxx and Axxxxx. Right as we were getting pretty close to their house we got a call from Jxxx that he  was at work still. So we just stayed out in the area and contacted until lunchtime. After lunch we had a nice full afternoon/evening marked and Irmão Dxxx  was planning to walk with us. I was pumped. But then, like a giant rabbit-eating mountain squirrel, disaster struck. One by one our lessons began to fall. All of them… that was very disheartening. As we were in front of Frangão, a restaurant, waiting for Irmã Dxxx, we frantically started calling our contacts again. Luckily Elder Mistola was able to make an appointment for a lesson. It was a really good lesson which is nice because it was the ONLY one of the day. On the brighter side we managed to get a solid sixteen contacts today.

Sunday was good. Church was nice. It is still rather odd for me to be in a branch that is big, where the missionaries don’t teach classes or conduct meetings. It’s nice. But to be 100% honest today was quite discouraging. Quite a few of our investigators did not show up at church. For sure we were to have a lesson immediately following correlation, however, that fell through. So we got home, ate lunch, and headed to the area. I was pumped. We had a full day marked, and an awesome member to walk with…However, the general public of Mozambique had a different idea. It all fell through… not a single one of our four marked lessons, or any person we called worked out. That made for a very discouraged Elder Kanaga on the 30 minute walk home. It is always discouraging to have lessons fall though, however, it is a whole lot more discouraging when lesson fall though and you have a member with you for more than four hours. It was something that, as far as I know, was out of my control. Hopefully this week that comes will be a bit more fruitful in terms of lessons.

Elder Kanaga and his new companion

Monday, July 14, 2014

Maxixe 48th week - July 14, 2014

There is never anything to complain about on P-Day.  It was a good productive day. It started out with our lesson with Cxxxxx and Dxxxx at the Rxxxxxx Family “complex” We gave them some instruction and encouragement, and then sent them on their way to Morromsene, where they have to go to register Dxxxx. I really hope that they succeed in getting her registered (as a step towards marriage). 

We spent the rest of our morning contacting. We got all of our contacts for the day fairly quickly and if I am going to be honest (and hopeful) I felt really good about a lot of them. I am excited to see what happens with them. We also grocery shopped and emailed, sometimes it’s nice to go and do things on P-Day other times it is really nice to have a day to relax and recuperate. This was one of those days.

Some days are interesting! Or, in other words, I don’t quite know how to label them. Why? Because some great things happen and at the same time, some really downer things happen. Days that are interesting also seem to last a couple of days long and what can I say, Tuesday was one of those days . We had a couple of so-so lessons in the morning.  Then we met up with “the man of the hour”, Jxxxxxx, to help him get his Declarações De Bairro. That was a wild goose chase; we got the documents all done, and then went to the Municipial to do the Atestado Da Residencia. That is where things started to spiral downhill like a “double-bird-strike” We had to run through pouring rain to find somewhere to type a document then go back just to find out something was wrong with the Declarações and that the process has to be open for 15 days before the wedding. So we have to do it tomorrow and there won’t be a wedding/baptism this weekend L. On the other hand, Jxxxxxx has GIANT FAITH and we had a really great lesson with Zx and Ixxxx a new reference from Jxxxx.

Wednesday I had presidency meeting in the morning. Then we walked some more with Jxxxxxx to help him do some documents again. We also hiked up on the mountain (an hours walk) to Exxxxx and Dxxxxxxx house. It was a good restoration lesson. There was just one thing, I was on the far right side of the couch against the arm. I thought I felt something nudging my leg. I wasn’t sure, so I put my hand between my leg and the couch arm, and sure enough there was some little beastie inside the couch moving around. Of course my mind started to pay 100 different scenarios; snake? person? dog? rat? huge spider? what? What if I get bit? If it jumps out, will I grab it and kill it? I ended up saying something to them.  They explained that it was a rat. The rat lives in the couch. I am so glad he stayed inside the couch.

Thursday… Hoje foí um bom dia! (today was a good day!) Thursday we killed off the day with a less than ideal lesson. It was with a high ranking man. They are set in a mindset that any church that talks about God is a true church. We tried, but it isn’t yet their time. After that we rushed home to do weekly planning. It was super amazing. I feel like weekly planning really gives me a “big-picture” view of how truly blessed we are by the Lord! I cannot believe how He has blessed us. After planning we went up to the highest point in Maxixe to have a really nice lesson with a new family. Rxxxxx and Zxxxx. Rxxxxx practically taught himself part of the lesson. He is super smart and going to progress very nicely. We called to check up on Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx. They are still moving along on their documents. I have to say I really love them! After a long walk down into Maxixe again, we had a good lesson with Zx at Jxxxxx home.  Then we passed by Cxxxxx and Axxxxx. I really love them, and I am worried about them. I hope they have enough food to eat on a regular basis.

Friday was interesting. We started out the day by heading out to Exxxxxxx house in Abana. We had a super good lesson with him. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. He really understood and asked some killer questions. I am honestly impressed with him. Later we walked home, and had district meeting and ate lunch. We went to meet with Jxxxxx to visit some of the Young Women she has been bringing to church and hopefully our visit will bring them back to church. Something happened afterwards, as we were walking we got a phone call from Presidente Kretly. I am going to Maputo 1 to be Elder Mistola’s new companion. Wow this is the fourth time knowing about a transfer before it happened. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to or take pictures with any investigators or members. L Oh well, mission life. We finished out our day with some lessons and headed home so I could spend the better part of the night packing. I will be getting on an early bus to head down to Maputo on Saturday.

Mama Editor Note: This is where his update ends. I received it a week late and no update for the week following (yet J) 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Maxixe 47th week - July 7, 2014

Last P-Day we woke up at 3am to eat breakfast, get ready and get to the bus stop 30 minutes early. We got there early but ended up waiting until 7H32 to climb into the highly uncomfortable Maximbombo. It took a good long 8.5 hours of no leg room (A.K.A. my knees being smashed into the seat in front of me to get to Maputo. We got there and ran some errands then went to the Tidwell’s home. We were dead tired from the trip but we got to meet all the elders from Swaziland.

The next day was Zone Conference. Whoop! It was really nice, the Zone Conference was basically based on the differences of an “Extra Ordinary Missionary and an “ordinary” one. I love our mission president, he showed a couple of videos from Franklin Covey. It was about a blind man who climbed to the peak of Mount Everest. Another was about choices not passing up opportunities and being involved. Of course it was quickly compared to the passage of scripture in D&C about always being anxiously engaged in a good cause of your own good will. It was a nice conference. After we did a lot of driving with the office elders, then bought bus tickets for 23H30 to come back to Maxixe. The office elders dropped us off at the Tidwell’s home to get our stuff packed then took us to the bus stop and we got on. We had a much more comfortable bus back to Maxixe.

Thursday was a day full of contacting and quite fortunately, we had three lessons with a member present. We taught two lessons with Nxxxxx. The lessons went very well and we were quite lucky to have him with us. He translated in to shitswa some stuff for Dxxxx’s mom in the lesson. Good news, Dxxxx’s mom is all for the marriage.

Friday we got Fipag paid. I do love that 0 balance in the account. I hope in my life I can always stay out of debt, because I do love not owing money.

We had a great district meeting and sang the Star Spangled Banner. I had one of the best burgers of my life. It was a veggie burger. I felt bad though because President André insisted on paying. Quite a few of our lessons fell through but we managed to sit with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx, then Cxxxxx and Dxxxx and their family and after that Lxxx and Lxxxxxxxxx. What a miracle, Lxxxxxxxxx actually sat with us and participated. Maybe she is starting to come around. That would be awesome.

Saturday morning we went all the way out to Gxxxxxx’s house. We had a good visit with them. Then we basically had to return, a long walk. We visited Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx we are going to start teaching them “lesson 5” from Preach my Gospel. We had a short follow-up lesson with Axxxxx because Cxxxxx still hadn’t got home from work. We visited the Rxxxxxx household. They are awesome I cannot wait to see them baptized. We also taught the Temple Preparation class.

Sunday, what a day. As Elder Greenman used to say, Sunday is “Fruit Day” It is the day that we see all of the “fruits of our labors”. It is when we see what investigators have the conversion to come to church. We had four families with 13 adult investigators. It was a “Fruit-full Day” and it is truly a blessing, and a testimony to me. Sunday, when we woke up we found a sky full of rainy-angry looking clouds. I was worried that our attendance was going to very painfully drop however, the lord was merciful enough to help me see I need to exercise a little more faith plus Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was quite a special one as we had about 12 children from the primary get up and share their sweet and pure testimonies about our Loving Heavenly Father, and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. AWESOME! We also had a killer first lesson on Sunday. It was with Rxxxxxxx’s sister Dxxxxxx and her husband Exxxxxx. Desire not to mention a bit of a nudge from God. It turns out I contacted him (who knows how long ago) but we were never able to sit with him but he is going to progress nicely!

I hope I can become what God expects of me.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Maxixe 46th Week - June 30, 2014

P-Day was rough all of our lessons feel through. We walked a lot and contacted a lot. While contacting a white couple walked by and I said “BOM Dia” The woman stopped and said “Can I ask you something?” A bit stunned to speak to someone in English, I said “Yeah” She asked where they could catch a bus to Maptuo. I told them and they went on their merry way. I hope they made it safely.

Tuesday started out good. We had a really good lesson with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx. Elder Jarvis hypnotized a chicken and they thought it was amazing which it was pretty cool. Sadly our next lesson fell through. We kind of expected that though today as it is “O Dia De Independencia” here in Mozambique. So there was a lot of parting, loud music and drinking. We tried a bit unsuccessfully to get some contacts. We cooked Kouve for lunch. We had an interesting lesson with a man named Lxxx and his wife Lxxxxxxxxx. He, in the end, started talking about how some churches have more power than others, and the “stronger” ones have people that can talk directly to God. This is almost correct. One church has power and a prophet who can talk to God. He however, was talking about some other stuff so we will see what happens.

Obedience is so important. We are very much needing blessings. We need to live the highest law. Not just the letter of the law, because obviously the apostles didn’t write every little detail. So if we look for a loop-hole, of course we will find one. But we need to truly live the spirit of the law. “Doing what is right because it is right” as President Thomas S. Monson said. I feel like it is the difference in the desire to be perfectly obedient or the indifference to be “obedient enough”. Really in life, and here on the mission, we need to make the best decisions. Not just good ones, or better ones, but the best ones. It is a promise from God that blessings will come with obedience.

We had a good lesson with Pxxxx and Axx. That was really good to sit with them again. It has been quite some time. Then to finish off the night, we sat with Cxxxxx and Axxxxx. They are awesome, but are having some rough times in life right now. They are still continuing faithful in those things the Lord wants them to do.

I know for this they will be very blessed. Tuesday was officially the 1st year of missionary service. Wednesday was the anniversary of my entrance into the MTC and the start of this whole big adventure. I hope that in this time, I have improved and changed who I am. But who knows I guess we will see.

Thursday was my one year mark. It was one year ago I said bye to mom and dad and this adventure started. Thursday was certainly not a normal day because we went to Inhambine! Man it was an awesome day out there. To kick it all off, it was a beautiful boat right across the bay. The city is just so dang amazing. So clean and organized. I felt like I was in California. It was a way awesome town, super clean and nice. We had to get some documents done, the register was super nice and got the work done super fast without any problems. We had a super amazing lesson with a man named Mxxxxxx. He was taught once or twice by the sisters in Maputo. He is amazing way rich but incredibly humble. He truly is full of the true desire to find and follow the true Church of Jesus Christ. We ate an overpriced lunch and had another fantastic lesson with Bxxxx. His wife didn’t want to sit with us but I still have hope that #1 there will be a next time, and #2 she will come around. We of course got tons of awesome pictures while we were over in Inhambaine. We finished off the day with a good less-active lesson with Fxxxxx and gxxxx. Then we boated back over and came home.

Friday we had a good lesson with Lxxxx, Jxxxxxxxs wife. She showed us the Certidão de Nascrmento that Jxxxxxxx was able to get out in Massinga Thursday. Super good! They are way awesome. We went for a very needed lesson with Rxxxxxx. It has been quite some time since we have sat with him due to the situation with his daughter. But we sat with them and went over the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. They remembered it all very well. One of my favorite parts of our visit with them was that we asked Yxxxx, a girl who is approximately 10 years old, to pray. Not only was she willing to pray but she had no problems, fear or embarrassment to speak to her Father in Heaven.

Saturday was a flop. We got some contacts in the morning and then at 10H we had a lesson . It was a first lesson with a man named Sxxxxxx. He was a contact from Elder Jarvis. It wasn’t the best lesson. Something I’ve found on my mission, is how important our desire is. If we really want something it will be given to us, we will achieve it. Some lessons feel very un-effective. Like our words come out of our mouths and bounce off the force-field of the indifference that surrounds the  ears of some people. It is because they don’t want to know if our message is true. They don’t want to know if Gods one true church has been restored or not here on the earth.

Sunday there were 64 people at church it was super awesome 14 of them were adult investigators. Counting children more than half of the 64 were children. We also had 4 families we were so close to having 5 but unfortunately, Cxxxxx left Dxxx at home to take care of Yxxxx who has some kind of wound on her leg. After church we passed by Lxxx and Lxxxxxxxx. Lxxx is so willing and has the desire to follow. However, sadly his wife is a different story. She actually ran away from us and our lesson. Super sad but somehow we ended up teaching him the Law of Chastity and he is pumped for marriage. Kind of a wild card but we are hoping maybe, just maybe it can get though to his wife. We will see. We also passed by Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx and Cxxxxx and Axxxx and the Rxxxxxx clan. They are all doing good and chugging along.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Maxixe 45th week - June 23, 2014

Last Sunday was great. We had 56 people at church! Woo-hoo! That is so huge! This is the first time I have heard of Maxixe getting 50 to church much less passing it. What a huge blessing. Pxxxxxx and Mxxxx came, that is another Huge-normous blessing! Out of the 56 people at church 14 of them were investigators consisting of 4 families. That is awesome.  

After church we had a great lesson with a new investigator Mxxxx. He said he use to be a professional soccer player for Moçambique, but there were salary problems so he stopped. He told us he had planned to go to the city but felt he should come home, just after he arrived home we showed up unannounced!

We also had our weekly meeting with President Chambal which was good. Then we had a Plan of Salvation lesson with Cxxxxx and Axxxxx. Cxxxxx asked about “Fantasmo” or ghostly stuff. It’s frustrating because that stuff is so deeply ingrained but I have hope he can figure it out. Wednesday we had another good lesson with them on the Word of Wisdom which they accepted. Cxxxxx is afraid he won’t be able to leave tea alone. But we will always give him encouragement and he will achieve. The following Sunday we met with them again along with Axxxxxxxx and the branch president. They are also trudging along well on getting their documents.

P-Day was great, we got some good work done and had a nice time. We made super tasty chimmussas and played soccer. Great exercise!

As we were walking around the market I found a really nice Nike dri-fit Brazil futebol jersey so I gave in and bought it.

We got some awesome news that we will be able to go, only one time, to Inhambane. I am so excited. We will be going with a member.

Tuesday we had a full day marked but all of our lessons fell through. However, the Lord blessed us with finding lessons. We were able to sit with Oxxxxxx. I am hopeful he will come back. I also hope we can help Jxxx and Axxxxx. We also visited with Oxxxxx tonight. He is a recent convert and an Aaronic Priesthood holder. He is a bit inactive at the moment but I hope that through some good friendly visits, encouragement and a lot of love, we can get him back to church as well.

We visited with Axxxxxxxx and Exxxx. They still aren't reading and it really makes me sad for them. They have some difficulties to overcome. I hope they can learn that husband and wife are equal partners in a marriage and that each partner has full responsibility together. If they just keep blaming each other for what they have done or failed to do they will never progress or obtain unity in their family.

Sometimes I feel like my life before the mission doesn't exist. The memory is still there obviously, but it almost feels more like a dream I had or a movie I watched. It is an odd sensation to feel that way. I know in one year that is how I will start feeling about my mission. Enough of that!

We had an interesting lesson with Exxxxxx. We met with Jxxxxx about how he is doing and to prepare him a bit to receive the Melkezidek Priesthood which he was interviewed for the following Sunday. Presidente Chambal, the other elders and I all think it would be awesome to have him as the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency. This would be a blessing to me as I feel if I am in that position much longer my hair will either start falling out or turning gray. It has been a little stressful. He went with us to Cxxxxx and Axx’s with us. He taught the lesson. It went really well.

We also had a lesson marked with Rxxxxxx and his clan. Unfortunately his daughter has some heart problems and is in the hospital in Inhambane. I hope she will get better, they think they will have to send her to Maputo. We visited with Cxxxxx and Axxxxx but the rest of the family was with Rxxxxxx and his daughter which is good. They are a strong family and I truly cannont wait to see how the gospel blesses their lives.

Thursday we also read with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxxx. We had another lesson with them on Friday. That morning, we talked to the Conservador about how to get Lxxxx’s Certidôes from Massinga. That went pretty well. Luckily for us, we have a good relationship with the Registro so he is helping us out. They are really chugging along well and are still really reading and praying. They only thing that is holding them back is the documents which they are working on. Jxxxxxx will be going to Massinga on Monday to pick up the Lxxxx’s Certidôes. The name I gave their twins have stuck, Jxxxxxxho and Lxxxxiho. It is awesome! I don’t know if they will legally name them that but that is what they call them Lxxxxiho is the baby with more hair if you are wondering (he didn't send a picture so I will ask for one).

It is hard when all of our marked lessons from contacts fall through. Fortunately we are still able to sit with our progressing investigators. Elder Jarvis, Elder DaSilva and I wonder if God is telling and showing us that we really need to focus on getting our progressing investigators through the process. We did get 15 contacts and went deep into our area to a place called Macupuis. I am pretty sure that for the most part, this was the first time some of these people have seen a white person much less two. We were not able to get any good contact there but a nice woman gave us some sugar cane. I hope we can start getting some more lessons.

We had a great lesson with Sxxxx. It went well. We taught on the Book of Mormon. He didn't think his wife would sit with us but she did and she participated really well. I think they will be baptized.