Monday, June 30, 2014

Maxixe 46th Week - June 30, 2014

P-Day was rough all of our lessons feel through. We walked a lot and contacted a lot. While contacting a white couple walked by and I said “BOM Dia” The woman stopped and said “Can I ask you something?” A bit stunned to speak to someone in English, I said “Yeah” She asked where they could catch a bus to Maptuo. I told them and they went on their merry way. I hope they made it safely.

Tuesday started out good. We had a really good lesson with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx. Elder Jarvis hypnotized a chicken and they thought it was amazing which it was pretty cool. Sadly our next lesson fell through. We kind of expected that though today as it is “O Dia De Independencia” here in Mozambique. So there was a lot of parting, loud music and drinking. We tried a bit unsuccessfully to get some contacts. We cooked Kouve for lunch. We had an interesting lesson with a man named Lxxx and his wife Lxxxxxxxxx. He, in the end, started talking about how some churches have more power than others, and the “stronger” ones have people that can talk directly to God. This is almost correct. One church has power and a prophet who can talk to God. He however, was talking about some other stuff so we will see what happens.

Obedience is so important. We are very much needing blessings. We need to live the highest law. Not just the letter of the law, because obviously the apostles didn’t write every little detail. So if we look for a loop-hole, of course we will find one. But we need to truly live the spirit of the law. “Doing what is right because it is right” as President Thomas S. Monson said. I feel like it is the difference in the desire to be perfectly obedient or the indifference to be “obedient enough”. Really in life, and here on the mission, we need to make the best decisions. Not just good ones, or better ones, but the best ones. It is a promise from God that blessings will come with obedience.

We had a good lesson with Pxxxx and Axx. That was really good to sit with them again. It has been quite some time. Then to finish off the night, we sat with Cxxxxx and Axxxxx. They are awesome, but are having some rough times in life right now. They are still continuing faithful in those things the Lord wants them to do.

I know for this they will be very blessed. Tuesday was officially the 1st year of missionary service. Wednesday was the anniversary of my entrance into the MTC and the start of this whole big adventure. I hope that in this time, I have improved and changed who I am. But who knows I guess we will see.

Thursday was my one year mark. It was one year ago I said bye to mom and dad and this adventure started. Thursday was certainly not a normal day because we went to Inhambine! Man it was an awesome day out there. To kick it all off, it was a beautiful boat right across the bay. The city is just so dang amazing. So clean and organized. I felt like I was in California. It was a way awesome town, super clean and nice. We had to get some documents done, the register was super nice and got the work done super fast without any problems. We had a super amazing lesson with a man named Mxxxxxx. He was taught once or twice by the sisters in Maputo. He is amazing way rich but incredibly humble. He truly is full of the true desire to find and follow the true Church of Jesus Christ. We ate an overpriced lunch and had another fantastic lesson with Bxxxx. His wife didn’t want to sit with us but I still have hope that #1 there will be a next time, and #2 she will come around. We of course got tons of awesome pictures while we were over in Inhambaine. We finished off the day with a good less-active lesson with Fxxxxx and gxxxx. Then we boated back over and came home.

Friday we had a good lesson with Lxxxx, Jxxxxxxxs wife. She showed us the Certidão de Nascrmento that Jxxxxxxx was able to get out in Massinga Thursday. Super good! They are way awesome. We went for a very needed lesson with Rxxxxxx. It has been quite some time since we have sat with him due to the situation with his daughter. But we sat with them and went over the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. They remembered it all very well. One of my favorite parts of our visit with them was that we asked Yxxxx, a girl who is approximately 10 years old, to pray. Not only was she willing to pray but she had no problems, fear or embarrassment to speak to her Father in Heaven.

Saturday was a flop. We got some contacts in the morning and then at 10H we had a lesson . It was a first lesson with a man named Sxxxxxx. He was a contact from Elder Jarvis. It wasn’t the best lesson. Something I’ve found on my mission, is how important our desire is. If we really want something it will be given to us, we will achieve it. Some lessons feel very un-effective. Like our words come out of our mouths and bounce off the force-field of the indifference that surrounds the  ears of some people. It is because they don’t want to know if our message is true. They don’t want to know if Gods one true church has been restored or not here on the earth.

Sunday there were 64 people at church it was super awesome 14 of them were adult investigators. Counting children more than half of the 64 were children. We also had 4 families we were so close to having 5 but unfortunately, Cxxxxx left Dxxx at home to take care of Yxxxx who has some kind of wound on her leg. After church we passed by Lxxx and Lxxxxxxxx. Lxxx is so willing and has the desire to follow. However, sadly his wife is a different story. She actually ran away from us and our lesson. Super sad but somehow we ended up teaching him the Law of Chastity and he is pumped for marriage. Kind of a wild card but we are hoping maybe, just maybe it can get though to his wife. We will see. We also passed by Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx and Cxxxxx and Axxxx and the Rxxxxxx clan. They are all doing good and chugging along.

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