Monday, September 15, 2014

Munhava 57th week - September 15, 2014

Oh the Monday that wasn't P-Day. It was good, but it was not P-Day because of a National Holiday. We walked (a lot) and contacted, and had one pretty good lesson. Then we had a couple lessons fall. We had a really forte (strong) lesson with Nxxxxx and Fxxxx. They were being pressured by family to not get married until they fix up their house. So we really had to gently but firmly guide their attention back to following Christ.

Tuesday was a pretty good P-Day. I mean Tuesday P-Days are always a bit odd, but it was good. Internet - I got a virus on my card and lost all my pictures from since I got back from South Africa. It also will not let me store any pictures on it. While we were out doing our proselytizing, we saw the Mozambican version of a “swirly”. Some poor little kid was being threatened by his older brother to be dipped in the putrid water on the path side.

Wednesday, had some good lessons. One was a good lesson reading the Book of Mormon with Lxxx and Mxxxxxx. Another lesson with a new family, and one with Zxxx & Axxxxx. We taught them about the Law of Chastity which they accepted. They planned to start on documents Thursday. We were to sit with Zxxx & Axxxxx again on Saturday. We taught him, she actually wasn't there, but they have already started on their documents. We just taught the Law of Chastity Wednesday and they had the faith to jump on it and start the paper to get married! Boom! Legit.

On 9-11, I could very clearly remember writing about 9-11 last year, sitting at my desk in Manga, in my first transfer. It is a day I will never forget watching the plane strikes and towers fall. I can remember that day clearly like it just happened. Crazy. 

Thursday, we did some contacting in the morning and finally got in contact with Dxxxxxxx, which is awesome because it has almost been one whole week. So we passed by his house before we taught English class. Then we visited Rxxxxxx & Axx. She prayed for the first time in Portuguese. We also went to visit the Mxxxxxx family. Jxxxxxx got called to the Dominican Republic and Jxxxxxx from the Maraza Branch, got his call to South Africa Johannesburg! Whoop! They will be leaving in November and December.

Friday, we had “Zone Training” first thing in the morning. Sadly our day out in the area wasn't solid, a lot fell. When we first got out to the area literally everyone we called or tried to pass by, dropped on us. We also had a member with us starting at 18H and that lesson fell too. Finally at 19H we sat with Nxxxxx & Fxxxx. I’m real worried about them because he is having quite a few problems with the Sabbath Day. He is a truck mechanic. So we are really trying to help him see and develop a testimony about sacrificing and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. 

We went to another family, Jxxxxxx & Axxx. She doesn’t speak Portuguese which makes teaching them super difficult.

Saturday we did some contacting and had a great lesson in the morning.  As we were going Zxxx & Axxxxx's house we saw a HUGE “MDM” parade, it was gi-norm-ous. We did  a little division. Elder Azevedo was sick so Elder Walker and I went to my and his areas, and Elder Bourne and Azevedo stayed home. I really like Elder Walker and his area reminded me so much of Manga! We visited a lot of families and I think it went very good.

Oh Sundays… they stress me out so very much... but we were blessed. We somehow got five families at church. Whoop! Blessings.  After church, as we were waking in our area we had to walk right through the middle of a “P.D.D.” parade and we saw a Frelimo Parade. All of our lessons fell through until the end of the night, but we had a super good meeting with President Mafaisse.

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