Monday, September 8, 2014

Munhava 56th week - September 8, 2014

Not my best P-day. I washed five of my white shirts with my black socks and blue towel. 

On the bright-ish side, as we were walking around contacting a motor cycle flew by super fast. His phone literally flew out of his pocket. A passing car missed it by 3-inches. We picked it up and put it together. We tried calling but it had no credit so we waited. He ended up calling us and we told him where to find us. He was really grateful and said he would come to church.

The political campaigns are getting going. We see lots of people wearing Frelimo, MDM and Renamo shirts. Plus a man wearing a Bass Pro hat, it funny to see that in Mozambique. We also saw around 25 “nuns” get out of one chapa and proceed down the road. The best part is that some of them were carrying cases of beer on their heads.

This week we had some good lessons and contacting this week in the Lord’s Mozambican “Vineyard”.

Sunday we have a miracle. We had ten investigators show up, including 3 families. We also spent Sunday visiting recent converts. They are all doing really well. We had a really good visit with Axxxxxx and Dxxx. Usually the lessons with them are a bit frustrating, however, Sunday it went quite nicely. We reviewed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spoke a bit about the temple in “persevere until the end” part. They were genuinely interested in going to the temple. 

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