Monday, July 7, 2014

Maxixe 47th week - July 7, 2014

Last P-Day we woke up at 3am to eat breakfast, get ready and get to the bus stop 30 minutes early. We got there early but ended up waiting until 7H32 to climb into the highly uncomfortable Maximbombo. It took a good long 8.5 hours of no leg room (A.K.A. my knees being smashed into the seat in front of me to get to Maputo. We got there and ran some errands then went to the Tidwell’s home. We were dead tired from the trip but we got to meet all the elders from Swaziland.

The next day was Zone Conference. Whoop! It was really nice, the Zone Conference was basically based on the differences of an “Extra Ordinary Missionary and an “ordinary” one. I love our mission president, he showed a couple of videos from Franklin Covey. It was about a blind man who climbed to the peak of Mount Everest. Another was about choices not passing up opportunities and being involved. Of course it was quickly compared to the passage of scripture in D&C about always being anxiously engaged in a good cause of your own good will. It was a nice conference. After we did a lot of driving with the office elders, then bought bus tickets for 23H30 to come back to Maxixe. The office elders dropped us off at the Tidwell’s home to get our stuff packed then took us to the bus stop and we got on. We had a much more comfortable bus back to Maxixe.

Thursday was a day full of contacting and quite fortunately, we had three lessons with a member present. We taught two lessons with Nxxxxx. The lessons went very well and we were quite lucky to have him with us. He translated in to shitswa some stuff for Dxxxx’s mom in the lesson. Good news, Dxxxx’s mom is all for the marriage.

Friday we got Fipag paid. I do love that 0 balance in the account. I hope in my life I can always stay out of debt, because I do love not owing money.

We had a great district meeting and sang the Star Spangled Banner. I had one of the best burgers of my life. It was a veggie burger. I felt bad though because President André insisted on paying. Quite a few of our lessons fell through but we managed to sit with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx, then Cxxxxx and Dxxxx and their family and after that Lxxx and Lxxxxxxxxx. What a miracle, Lxxxxxxxxx actually sat with us and participated. Maybe she is starting to come around. That would be awesome.

Saturday morning we went all the way out to Gxxxxxx’s house. We had a good visit with them. Then we basically had to return, a long walk. We visited Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx we are going to start teaching them “lesson 5” from Preach my Gospel. We had a short follow-up lesson with Axxxxx because Cxxxxx still hadn’t got home from work. We visited the Rxxxxxx household. They are awesome I cannot wait to see them baptized. We also taught the Temple Preparation class.

Sunday, what a day. As Elder Greenman used to say, Sunday is “Fruit Day” It is the day that we see all of the “fruits of our labors”. It is when we see what investigators have the conversion to come to church. We had four families with 13 adult investigators. It was a “Fruit-full Day” and it is truly a blessing, and a testimony to me. Sunday, when we woke up we found a sky full of rainy-angry looking clouds. I was worried that our attendance was going to very painfully drop however, the lord was merciful enough to help me see I need to exercise a little more faith plus Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was quite a special one as we had about 12 children from the primary get up and share their sweet and pure testimonies about our Loving Heavenly Father, and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. AWESOME! We also had a killer first lesson on Sunday. It was with Rxxxxxxx’s sister Dxxxxxx and her husband Exxxxxx. Desire not to mention a bit of a nudge from God. It turns out I contacted him (who knows how long ago) but we were never able to sit with him but he is going to progress nicely!

I hope I can become what God expects of me.

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