Monday, September 22, 2014

Munhava 58th week - September 22, 2014

It was a hectic P-day last week and during internet the power cut out because a transformer blew up. We shopped and got haircuts. Unfortunately all of our lessons fell through.

Tuesday was better lesson wise we had some fall through but not all. I did divisions in our area with Elder Walker,  Elder Bourne went with Elder Olsen. We went to visit Dxxxxxxx and taught him about fasting and, of course, he understood it all perfectly. I was quite surprised how well Elder Walker already speaks Portuguese. It is amazing and it is only his second transfer.

Wednesday we started by doing contacts in the morning. We were super blessed to get a lot of them.
We taught a first lesson with a wonderful couple, Dxxxxxxa and Axxxxx. I am not 100% sure why it was so different or amazing but it was. The spirit was so strong. They understood everything we taught and when or if they didn't, they would ask questions. At the end of the lesson we asked them to be baptized. They had a couple of small questions but accepted with excitement. During our second lesson with them we taught about the Priesthood. Dxxxxxxx understood so well that he compared the Priesthood to  a key that opens a door. He said without the key, (or Priesthood) we can’t open the door to truth. I was so impressed.

We had a lesson with Vxxx and Dxxxxxxx. They are a reference from some other investigators. It was a good  lesson.

We had a lesson with Pxxxxx and Axx. He said his boss is back in Beira which means he will finally get paid and can get to work on their documents. It was a great lesson because they are reading and understanding the Book of Mormon.

We also had a lesson with a new family, Mxxxxx and Gxxxxxxx which was awesome. The lesson went really well. They are a really good family. Our second lesson with them didn't go as well. I am not quite sure why, but it was sad. But we had a great lesson with Zxxx and Axxxxxx. Zxxx plans on getting his documents next week. I really hope he does.

This past week we have not had dependable running water. The blessing is that four times daily Fipag forces water for 1 hour. That hour is when we fill water bottles and do dishes.

Sunday I gave a talk on “The Covenant People of the Lord” and although it was pouring rain we had families who walked through the down-pour to come to church. For one of the families it was their first time coming to church. I was impressed with these families. Our day following meetings was pretty solidly laid out but a bit of it fell through. We did have a miraculous lesson on Sunday for two reasons #1 it went through, #2 Pxxxxx finally got paid and said he is going to start working on his documents tomorrow!

We taught English class that went fairly well. I am really very impressed with how well some people can pick up English. 

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