Monday, September 29, 2014

Munhava 59th week - September 29, 2014

Email, it is such a huge blessing – miracle - mercy to be able to communicate over 12,000 miles more-or-less instantly. I love that on p-day I get to email! On P-day, we had a first lesson with Mxxx. His wife wasn’t home but it went good and we re-marked for Wednesday.

Tuesday was my birthday. Para-bens para mim, para-bens para mim. Para bens neste dia feliz Para-bens para mim. I am 20, I’m old.  One of the elders in the house made Frango Escondidio or “hidden chicken”. I am definitely making that for my family when I get home. 

This week we had lessons and contacting but not a full “normal day”. We had some lessons with Vxxxx and Dxxxxxxx. On Tuesday a member was present. The member is Mxxxxx, he shared his conversion story and most of the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel, law of chastity and a couple of other things. Vxxx and Dxxxxxxx seemed to become more interested as he shared. They came to church on Sunday and I think they will progress well.

False advertising! The poster says "Free English classes. The classes have an enrollment fee of 1000mt.
Our classes are advertised as and actually are 100% Free!

We cleaned the chapel for Zone conference which took an entire morning. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it was “Armed Forces Day” (a national holiday) and 95% of people were “celebrating”. After cleaning the church, we gave Dxxxxxxx the last lesson and went to teach the English class. We did contacting and went home 2 hours early per President Kretly’s orders. He wanted us to be super well rested and attentive for Zone Conference. He asked that every missionary be home and in bed two hours early.

Elder Kanaga with Elder and Sister Snelson at Zone Conference.

Zone Conference was so good. Of course there was a lot of missionary camaraderie and catching up while we waited for President Kretly to arrive. President went over the first three of “7 habits of highly effective people”. He taught us to
 #1 Be proactive.
 #2 Start with the objective in mind.
 #3 Focus on first things first.
President Kretly’s teachings and trainings are always awesome.

Elder Conde was a young man who walked  and taught with Elder Kanaga and
his companion as a member when they were in Manga. Right now, he is serving
in Mozambique. Very soon he will be leaving to complete his mission in Angola! 

The next day, we had interviews with President Kretly. I am so grateful for the biggest miracle that happened on the way to interviews. As we were walking past TPM (the public bus transit company), I heard a whistle, I turned to find my dear Txxxx Lxxx Dxxxx He is looking very good. He looks so much younger. He looks youthful! It was such a happy experience to see him. It was literally a miracle.

Mama Editor: This was Elder Kanaga’s first family to teach and see married and baptized. He has often expressed love and concern for this family. In personal email, Elder Kanaga told me that Txxxx was now the 2nd counselor in his branch presidency. He loves to see the change that has blessed the Dxxxx family’s life.

Church was so good on Sunday. Afterwards, we had some really good lessons. Zxxx and Axxxxx are getting their documents ready and really working toward getting married. I hope to see that happen. We had a really effective meeting with the branch president Sunday.

The biggest problem I have right now is that my incision still hasn’t quit bleeding. I don’t have any idea how to stop it. Other than that, I had a good P-day, a good B-day, and a super good week.

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