Monday, July 28, 2014

Maputo 50th week - July 28, 2014

Another week without a blog update. On personal email he said they get lots of contacts but the lessons fall through.

UPDATE: Again he sent the post later and I am just getting it updated

P-Day we went to Matola to play one of the funnest games of my life “Gator-Ball”. It is a crazy mix of soccer, football, and basketball. It is a whole lot of fun and makes you think a lot more than any other sport. I am definitely taking gator-ball back to play in the USA. We ate lunch at KFC did our emailing and then grocery shopping at Premier. Best of all, when we got home, I did something I should have done a very very long time ago. I called my dear Txxxx and Axx (a couple that was married and baptized when he was working in Manga) He was so happy to hear from me. He is the second counselor in the branch presidency and sounded like he is doing so very good. I am going to try and make it a habit to call Txxxx and Axx, the Jovens from T-3, Members and Investigators from Maxixe. Because #1 It is my responsibility and #2 I love them and want to know how they’re all doing.

Some days being a missionary is just simply difficult. To be honest, I was pretty darn discouraged Tuesday, not only was it the 4th day in a row that all of our lessons fell through, but the 4th day in a row  that all of our lessons fell thought while we were with a member. I have no idea what we are doing wrong, but it is killing me. I just feel like I am powerless, oh wait I actually am a mortal, and therefore am powerless, but I don’t know what to change. We are getting our contacts, and I feel good about a lot of them when I get them, but then for one reason or another, when we call to mark, none of them work out. It is really really frustrating to feel like you are doing it all right, but it is all going wrong. We call and confirmed our lesson at lunch, then when we got out to the area, they all fall . I don’t know what to do from here on out. I guess just keep pushing forward.

Wednesday morning we had to go to the Registro to talk to the lady who opens the process.  she will help us to get both of our couples married on the 2nd of August. In terms of lessons of the 3.5 we marked we were able to teach 2. We managed to get a member with us. The first one was a bit odd, he was ready to argue his guns were o blazing but we didn’t get hooked, just plainly shared truth and left with a prayer. We found out another Dupla (companionship) is coming to Maptuo 1.

Thursday was a day full of miracles. We started out the day headed to the Registro, ready to open twp processes of Marriage. Then everything started falling apart, Dxxxxx and Mxxxx didn’t have money, Dxxxxx (the husband of Ixxxxx) was at work. This, that and the other, everything was going bad. Then it all started coming together. A member of the branch decided to financially help Dxxxxx and Mxxxx so they could open the process. Dxxxxx (the husband of Ixxxxx) got permission to leave work to come open the process. Everything came though. It was awesome! Both couples successfully opened the process for the 2nd of August. Whoop!

I am so very happy and excited, and it just proves Nephi is right. The Lord always provides a way to follow his commandments. On top of our miracles, we had a pretty sound day lesson wise. Axxxxxx, a super awesome Joven (Solteiro that’s prepping for a his mission) walked with us. We got in some really great lessons. Plus, we had a really nice first lesson with Pxxxx and his brother Nxx. Unfortunately his wife, Qxxxx, was still at work. They were nice, I really hope they turn into some solid investigators. It was a miracle day.

Very late Thursday night we got the new Dupla they are both Brazilians. Elder Barroso and Elder Carvalho (who just got in from Brazil) are super nice and fun. It will be nice to have another companionship in the house.

Friday we had District Meeting, which I personally felt went well. I mean I haven’t heard anyone complaining yet so that’s good. Unfortunately Elder Mistola and I could not manage to mark a lesson in the hours of 14H to 16H so we contacted until our lesson at 17h. We have half of the area now which is a huge blessing. We are keeping Maxaquene.  Elders Barroso and Carvahla are talking the area of Polana Cani├žo. So that will really help us out a ton. Our lessons that night went well. We had a member Jxxxxxx with us. He is recently married and baptized and a super awesome member to teach with.

Saturday we had a lesson with a recent convert with Dxxx and Ixxxxx. It was the last “temple-prep” lesson that went nicely. Then we took Dxxx with us for the other lessons. Sadly all but one fell though. I got one of the happiest phone calls of my mission. It was from Jxxxx (from Maxixe) telling me that Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx got married. WHOOP! I can’t wait for pictures on Monday.
Then we had an awkward lesson with Hxxxxxxx. We taught him the law of chastity and he told us about how he doesn’t have a wife, but he has a few “friends” he calls over sometimes. He said he would stop though, so that is quite a blessing. Sometimes the missionary lesson are a bit awkward.

Sunday we got the time and place solidified for the weddings. I am so excited, they are so ready follow God’s commandments. Church was nice, but then our lessons fell though. We spent some time trying to mark more lessons but sadly none of our contacts worked out. That is always a bit of a downer. However, we still had a great day. We visited Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx. On the way there we ran into a member family who were also on their way to Dxxxxx and Ixxxxx’s house. That was a nice blessing, we were able to get in our last member present lesson for the week.

New Elders in the district and in the house

The design is one he drew and I had put on a t-shirt for him. Unfortunately, now an
extra large hangs on him. Maybe I will have put the logo on a large or medium shirt
and send it for his birthday or Christmas.

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