Saturday, June 22, 2013


Click on the image of the LDS Missionary Pouch Mail Example for a larger size

Letter folding instructions: Lay the letter blank side down. Fold the bottom of the letter about one-third of the way up the page and crease. Fold the top of the letter to the bottom of the first fold and crease. Secure the long side with two pieces of tape about one inch in from each end, but do not seal the ends. In the top left corner write your name and complete return address. Affix first class postage in the top right corner. In the middle write the missionary address.

Items sent by pouch mail use the United Sates Postal Service from your location to the Church headquarters, where they are forwarded to the missionary by a private courier along with other Church mail. Pouch mail leaves Church headquarters each Friday. Items received after the pouch has been sent will be held for the next week. Only postcards or one-page correspondences (no envelopes) written on one side of the page bay be sent through the pouch. Notebook or other light-weight paper will not process through the USPS machines. Photographs are not acceptable,

I asked for clarification on that last item. You can print a picture on the inside of the sheet but no enclosures. Also, no logos, pictures, stickers, extra tape or writing on the outside except the missionary's address and your complete return address.

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