Monday, July 14, 2014

Maxixe 48th week - July 14, 2014

There is never anything to complain about on P-Day.  It was a good productive day. It started out with our lesson with Cxxxxx and Dxxxx at the Rxxxxxx Family “complex” We gave them some instruction and encouragement, and then sent them on their way to Morromsene, where they have to go to register Dxxxx. I really hope that they succeed in getting her registered (as a step towards marriage). 

We spent the rest of our morning contacting. We got all of our contacts for the day fairly quickly and if I am going to be honest (and hopeful) I felt really good about a lot of them. I am excited to see what happens with them. We also grocery shopped and emailed, sometimes it’s nice to go and do things on P-Day other times it is really nice to have a day to relax and recuperate. This was one of those days.

Some days are interesting! Or, in other words, I don’t quite know how to label them. Why? Because some great things happen and at the same time, some really downer things happen. Days that are interesting also seem to last a couple of days long and what can I say, Tuesday was one of those days . We had a couple of so-so lessons in the morning.  Then we met up with “the man of the hour”, Jxxxxxx, to help him get his Declarações De Bairro. That was a wild goose chase; we got the documents all done, and then went to the Municipial to do the Atestado Da Residencia. That is where things started to spiral downhill like a “double-bird-strike” We had to run through pouring rain to find somewhere to type a document then go back just to find out something was wrong with the Declarações and that the process has to be open for 15 days before the wedding. So we have to do it tomorrow and there won’t be a wedding/baptism this weekend L. On the other hand, Jxxxxxx has GIANT FAITH and we had a really great lesson with Zx and Ixxxx a new reference from Jxxxx.

Wednesday I had presidency meeting in the morning. Then we walked some more with Jxxxxxx to help him do some documents again. We also hiked up on the mountain (an hours walk) to Exxxxx and Dxxxxxxx house. It was a good restoration lesson. There was just one thing, I was on the far right side of the couch against the arm. I thought I felt something nudging my leg. I wasn’t sure, so I put my hand between my leg and the couch arm, and sure enough there was some little beastie inside the couch moving around. Of course my mind started to pay 100 different scenarios; snake? person? dog? rat? huge spider? what? What if I get bit? If it jumps out, will I grab it and kill it? I ended up saying something to them.  They explained that it was a rat. The rat lives in the couch. I am so glad he stayed inside the couch.

Thursday… Hoje foí um bom dia! (today was a good day!) Thursday we killed off the day with a less than ideal lesson. It was with a high ranking man. They are set in a mindset that any church that talks about God is a true church. We tried, but it isn’t yet their time. After that we rushed home to do weekly planning. It was super amazing. I feel like weekly planning really gives me a “big-picture” view of how truly blessed we are by the Lord! I cannot believe how He has blessed us. After planning we went up to the highest point in Maxixe to have a really nice lesson with a new family. Rxxxxx and Zxxxx. Rxxxxx practically taught himself part of the lesson. He is super smart and going to progress very nicely. We called to check up on Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx. They are still moving along on their documents. I have to say I really love them! After a long walk down into Maxixe again, we had a good lesson with Zx at Jxxxxx home.  Then we passed by Cxxxxx and Axxxxx. I really love them, and I am worried about them. I hope they have enough food to eat on a regular basis.

Friday was interesting. We started out the day by heading out to Exxxxxxx house in Abana. We had a super good lesson with him. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. He really understood and asked some killer questions. I am honestly impressed with him. Later we walked home, and had district meeting and ate lunch. We went to meet with Jxxxxx to visit some of the Young Women she has been bringing to church and hopefully our visit will bring them back to church. Something happened afterwards, as we were walking we got a phone call from Presidente Kretly. I am going to Maputo 1 to be Elder Mistola’s new companion. Wow this is the fourth time knowing about a transfer before it happened. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to or take pictures with any investigators or members. L Oh well, mission life. We finished out our day with some lessons and headed home so I could spend the better part of the night packing. I will be getting on an early bus to head down to Maputo on Saturday.

Mama Editor Note: This is where his update ends. I received it a week late and no update for the week following (yet J) 

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