Monday, September 1, 2014

Munhava 55th week - September 1, 2014

I have been transferred to Munhava so up to Beira again! I will be honest it is very exciting, although I was a bit nervous and such. After transfers we met up with our whole district plus Sister Nazho and Gimo for lunch at Mimmo’s. It was fun and really tasty. I packed and got a ride to the airport from the office elders. The dear Snelsons picked me and Elder Adams up and took us to our respective houses. I unpacked and discovered my checked luggage had been jacked. I am not happy about that! 

However, it was a full day that was fast and full of surprises. I am interested to see what this new transfer has in store.  

My new companion, Elder Borne, showed me our area. We had some really good lessons with some really solid investigators. We had great lessons and some good contacts this week.

We had some encounters with drunks mostly harmless but one guy walking by us was muttering to himself “I kill people. I kill People. I got my knife and kill people. I kill people”. Another time a drunken woman approached and kept yelling at me that her life was a wreck. I tried telling her she could fix it but she kept cutting me off. Then out of nowhere she knelt down and acted like she was worshipping me. I also had a couple of ten year old girls who said they wanted to date me… Yep, I had some weird experiences.

On Sunday at church I found out we have a really good branch. We have a good Elder’s Quorum President, Principles of the Gospel teacher and so forth.   We had a lot of recent convert lessons.

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