Monday, August 18, 2014

Maputo, Mozambique and Johannesburg, South Africa 53rd week - August 18th 2014

P-day was crazy We ran to the office and did a very shortened email. Then the assistants dropped me off at the airport. I check in and waited for my flight. It was a nice quick flight to Johannesburg. President Dunn, who is the mission president of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission, was there to pick me up. We drove back to the mission office. I helped Sister Dunn do some filing, then Elder Wilkerson and Elder Edayoach picked me up. We went shopping then to our meal appointment/Family Night at the Pienaar home. It was a lot of fun. They have a very nice “flat”. One hard thing here is the accent. I have a really hard time understanding.

Elder Edayoach, Elder Kanaga, Brother Pienaar, Pienaar brothers and Elder Wilkerson
Tuesday we spent seven hours at the hospital waiting. I had to get another ultrasound. By the time we left the hospital, I had been without food for 15 hours so we ate a really good meal at a place called “Mexican Fresh”. Wow, so good. Then we headed to a lesson where I realized that I really miss speaking Portuguese. I was having a difficult time speaking the missionary lessons in English. I had an especially hard time praying aloud in English. I kept wanting to switch to Portuguese, but what a great time.

We spent the rest of Tuesday “knock” doors which consisted of buzzing and speaking through the intercom system and getting 100% rejected. That was sad but I really ejoyed getting to serve with Wilkerson and Elder Edayoach and it was a really cool experience of serving a little bit of my mission in South Africa. What a unique opportunity. Tuesday evening we had a dinner appointment and then some visits including a man from Zimbabwe. I now have friends all over the world.
Before Surgery

 Wednesday I was checked into the hospital and waited a good six and a half hour before getting going into the operating room. This was my very first surgery and I was unconscious before I knew it then just as quick I woke up with extreme pain in my abdomen. The nurse was so kind and kept telling me they had given me painkiller, but it wasn’t kicking in, I smiled, and then grimaced as for no apparent reason my muscles tensed inflicting fresh pain. They gave me a meal but I wasn’t hungry. By the time I ate it had been over 24 hours.

After Surgery
Thursday I woke up, slept, woke up. I didn’t feel like I had very good sleep the night before between the pain and the nurses checking on me. Doctor Mirzo, the kind surgeon came to check on me and told me that I wouldn’t be leaving the hospital today and heading back to Mozambique Friday as planned. I was surrounded by good people. The Muslims on the one side of me were very concerned, always asking if I needed anything. The Australians on the other side of me were just as kind. 
Elder Kanaga so grateful to be drinking non-shelf-stable milk!
Friday I was released from the hospital with a follow up visit planned for the 25th. So that would be another week and a half here. Oh well, come what may and love it! I went to district meeting with Elders Wilkerson and Edayoach. Then lessons and visits and stuff. We had dinner with a member family. I was having pain from the surgery. I was so sore!

Saturday we started the day off with some service at an orphanage. Through Mormon Helping Hand, the ward here put on a little fair for all of the children. I manned a spot at the “face painting” booth. It was such a shock between Mozambique and here. It was raining and really cold.

Mama Editor: Sister Pienaar sent me this link from the service activity. You can see Elder Kanaga for a few seconds at the 3:14 mark!

Helping Hands: Randburg Ward

After the service activity we got dressed in proselytizing clothes and headed out. One lesson was up three flights of stairs which was hard but, worse than the stairs (on my incision) was the hilarious remark made when I reached the top of the stairs. Laughing was so intensely painful that it took me to the ground.

Sunday I felt like I was in church in the states. After church we had a wonderful lunch with a member and her married children. One couple had a little girl named ILo (not sure of the spelling) who was so cute and funny. It made me think of Eisley. It was probably the closest I will get to meeting EIsley Monster before I get home. Then we had a couple of appointments. We had dinner with a recent convert which was a wonderful meal of chips and cookies, sorry mom J

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