Monday, August 11, 2014

Maputo 52nd week - August 11, 2014

Ahhh… I do love Preparation Days. This one was a bit hectic though. We did studies in the morning, then we left to email.  The internet was super slow and got cut off at the end, so sadly I did not get to say good bye to my dear mother. I am sure she is probably worrying about me. I hate leaving her hanging like that. But, on the interesting side, the decision has been made to do the “operation” to take care of my hernia. That will be real nice to have it out of the collection of things I have to worry about. We went to Axxxxx & Mxxxxx Jxxxxx’s house. That was pretty fun. We played a lot of games and had a great time. Everyone had fun. Axxxxx is a huge muscular guy that is super serious. I have never seen him laugh or joke. But tonight he was, and he was quite funny too. It was nice reminder to always have fun, and to not judge people on first impressions.

Tuesday we started the day out solid with personal study and a lesson. The lesson however, was not the world’s best. This dear son of God was more interested in having a debate about where the Garden of Eden was than learning about the Lords Restored Gospel. Luckily for us we were with Vxxxxxx, a returned missionary in our branch. He helped out a whole lot! After that we had lunch, the rest of our studies, and headed back out for the rest of this scorching hot, bone-dry day. I will admit it wasn’t as hot as it was in November and December in Manga, but those months are still coming. The rest of the day went quite well in all honesty. We had four more lessons, two of which we had our newest member Dxxxxx Mxxxxxx with us to help teach and testify. And man is he powerful! He has quite a background in religion, meaning he has been through the gamut of many different churches, and he knows a lot. I can see us asking for his help in lessons a whole lot. So something I have been trying is to be more sincere. Actually too go deep down into my heart, individually for each person I contact and teach, instead of just contacting or teaching (which happens sometimes out of tiredness). But wow does it truly make a all the difference.

Wednesday we left the house right at eight to walk to the Mission Office for the Mission Leadership Training. The training was incredible. President Kretly taught a lot about how to leave a legacy. He taught about hard work, loving service, and kind acts. He talked about persevering and adapting through change and trials. He shared the stories of two people. One was an amazing Brazilian surfboarder, who at 14 or 15 years old lost one of his legs. He still wanted to surf but couldn’t take his prosthetic into the salt water. He worked and worked and developed a method of surfing with one leg and one hand. The other story is the founder of Jet Blue in America and its equivalent, Azul, in Brazil. He is a member of the Church and is never afraid to bring up the church at every opportunity. He also isn’t afraid of work. As the owner of two huge airlines, he serves passengers and helps clean the plan after the flight. Needless to say it was a super good meeting. After that I went to talk to President about the hernia situation. I’ll be going to South Africa Monday to get my hernia taken care of.

Thursday really early I had to go to the immigration office with nine other Elders, Lynn, Ebmeyer, Roberts, Christiansen, Gage, and Hatfield to renew our “D.I.R.E.S” and Elder DeSouza and Carvalho to apply for theirs. We got to immigration at 8H and had to stay there until about 12:30H. Ugh. So it was a lot of sitting and waiting, but in the end, was good. It was nice to talk to a lot of the Elders from my group; none of us could believe that we have (almost) been in the country for one year. For me one year will be on August 11th.

I thought Friday would be a normal day in the area, joke! Ugh. First off we had District Meeting. That went well. Then we came home for lunch and studies. Then Nxxxx Uxxxxxx came over with an electrician and a plumber to more or less make a quote and a list on the things that the house needs to get fixed. That took a whole bunch of time. Ugh. Finally at about 16H we got out to the area. Unfortunately to be very sad, pretty much all of our lessons fell through so that is pretty depressing. I am super tired of having everything fall through, especially when we have a member with us! I mean what the heck! But is Bem. I guess I can’t stress too much about it. I can just do everything in my power and trust in the Lord for the rest.

Saturday we had a day packed full of lessons, however, they all fell through. I just don’t quite know what to do about that. I feel like Elder Mistola and I are doing all the things that we are supposed to, but everything is still just crashing down. I don’t know but I hope that it gets better. But, something interesting happened today, as we were sitting on rocks trying to call a lesson a young woman walked up to us. She said she wanted a Book of Mormon. After asking a couple of questions, we found out that she is an investigator from Magoanine that is visiting her brother. So we got the reference of her brother and gave her a Book of Mormon.

Sunday church went nicely, after church we had lunch and some studies. Then we went out to have some lessons and guess what? They DIDN’T all fall through! Glory Halleluiah! We had two pretty good lessons today with Jxxxxxx was with us, it went nice. However still two of our lessons fell through. But I would much prefer to have half of the lessons fall through as opposed to all of them.

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