Monday, July 1, 2013

First Letter from the MTC (the night he arrived)

It was so exciting to get our first letter from Elder Kanaga. I guess the MTC allows them to write home on the night they arrive even though it isn't their P-day. YEA!

From letter dated June 26, 2013:

"Wow today has been a really full day. It honestly feels like it has been a week already. But I can see that I am going to love it. Especially if I will lose myself and any childish wants or stuff in  my life!"

"After asking around, I have found out that pretty much all the new missionaries going to 
Moçambique have 1 bag approximately equal to 45lbs. and 1 bag approximately equal to 35lbs. so I am not worried."

"Today we had some language lessons. They are really stressing 'Speak Your Language' (SYL) or 'Falar Sua Lingua' (FSL) for Portuguese. FSL basically means speak in the language of your mission as much as you possibly can. Always try Portuguese before reverting back to Ingles. I am hoping I can catch on to it fast."


"We had our orientation and some other classes. Interesting enough President (whoops! I forgot his name) talked about how they are trying to phase out the backpacks for the field?! But I am sure it is a mission to mission thing, just as the ipad/facebook thing will be. I am sure we in the Moçambique mission will not get to partake of the ipad/facebook change (at least for a very long time!) I am also sure that for my missão we will keep backpacks, but we will see when I get there."

"Tell Randy thank you so much for the letter! It was amazing! I loved the air soft story. What a fun thing. I love that he says we can be perfectly obedient and still have fun! It doesn't have to be 'rigid fun'!" 

"So in some 'classes' today there were some mock investigator lessons. But it was in a big group."
"My companion and I, and the other elders in my room have decided on perfect obedience. Even though some elders say 'we are at the MTC so it's not a big deal to leave your companion'. But our companionship and room decided on exactness"
"I can tell Portuguese will be hard to learn, but with the Lords help, I believe it will be easy, or at least bearable. I learned today that our district P-Days are on Tuesday. So we will not get to attend the Provo Temple, which is sad. However, we may be getting a better opportunidad. We may get to clean the temple!!!"
We found before he reported to the MTC that the Provo temple would be closed July 1st through August 10th for maintenance. We hoped his P-Day would be Thursday, Friday or Saturday so that he would at least get to go back to it at least once before going to Mozambique.
He closes his letter with love but then adds:
"I was instructed by President Nelly to write this even though it isn't P-Day."
Funny boy, I wonder if he thought he needed to tell me that so I would know he wasn't breaking the rules.
Before he entered the MTC he wanted to do a session in the Provo temple. It made the day for all of us.

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