Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2nd Email to Family and Friends

P-Day Email July 9, 2013

"Hey Family and friends!

So this has been quite a crazy long, eventful, and crazy week!

 MTC food still rocks if you are wondering, although it tends to gross me out when one elder in my district mixes just about everything on his plate! The Tuesday night devotional was a great address! I loved it so much! It gave me the hope that I am not the only one in the entire MTC having some language difficulties.
He asks me to fill in details from his letter. The difficulties he is talking about can be found in the third and fourth paragraphs of his letter home dated July 2, 2013.

It makes me laugh so much how days feel like weeks but weeks feel like minutes. I have almost been here two weeks but I feel like I have been here forever but then I feel that I just got here. It is also so funny how a single day can be the best day or worst and the next is the opposite.
I am still learning that the MTC is hard and we just have to take it as we can. Do not get to stressed, when you feel like the language is impossible, or that it is so hard, just know that every other person in the entire MTC has had, is having, or will have, the same problem. it is absolutely normal and is just the process and tools with which Heavenly Father is shaping us into the best-est missionaries ever!

So a tiny bit of slightly sad news for me. I have learned that Elder Brandon Clark got his Visa (Hoorah for him!) and is at the Spain MTC so I will not be seeing him here... But I am so glad for him. Visa's are a rare sight, at least in my zone. Especially since my zone is mostly all missionaries that will be serving in Brazil. I guess that because of difficulties of Brazilians getting visas here, they are returning the favor.
Many missionaries have gotten re-assignments to like Colorado, Ohio, and some other places. Just know that re-assignments go through the same exact revelation that the original call does, it is part of Gods plan for you to serve the people there and there is someone you are there to change their life for eternity.

So one of our teachers Irmao (Brother) Rosemore, is being reassigned to a different class so sadly we lose him. However, we have just learned of who our new teacher is. His name is Irmao Christianson, and guess what the best part is, He served in Mozambique!!!!!!!!!!

We had a visit from Irmao Workman, another teacher who served in Mozambique. He told us more about the Mozambican accent and stuff. It got me really extra super excited for going there! Only four-ish weeks! crazy right!
The word Otimo in Portuguese  means awesome or something. They don't use that in Mozambique. He told us what to say. He said that they say "Miningi Naisse"! How cool right? It's pronounced (Mih-neen-gee Nice) it means literally very nice. However, they use it for cool, awesome, and all those good things. Miningi is some African dialect word for "very", and Naisse is literally taken from English and means nice.

I wish I knew what else to say, I have so little time on email and my mind runs eight million ways. Hopefully Mama will fill in gaps using the letter I send home since I can say more in it.

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