Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5th P-day Email to Family and Friends

Family and Friends
P-Day Email July 30, 2013

Miningi Nice!
How is everyone in the beautiful Metrocity (say with a Mega-Mind accent!) of Mesa? I truly miss it back there! Sunday I will be flying to Africa! Crazy yeah!

We must wake up at 3:30 or 4am Sunday morning to go to the travel office by 4:30am. Our flight leaves SLC at 8:30! We jog down to Atlanta Georgia then to Johannesburg, South Africa! From what I gather, we will get the (kinda) pleasure of a 12 hour bus ride to Mozambique! I’m not gon’na lie it is gon’na pretty awesome!

So in my MTC (CTM - pronounced: Ce-Te-Eme) Branch (Branch 70!) we have over 100 missionaries! How cool is that!

I really like a line from a hymn we sang this week. I don’t remember the name or the number but a line that hit me good was "Service ever was their watch-cry" How cool is that? Fight off bad guys and stuff with service!

So in Mozambique guess how they say breakfast? They say it like this "Mata Bicho" (mata bishoo) it literally translates to “Kill the Beast". It is referring to killing the beast in yourself or when you stomach grumbles haha! I love funny things like that!

Another cool (more spiritual) translation that I like is the translation for investigator. It is “Pesquizador” which literally translates to “Researcher”.

Now that makes sense but I saw something cool in that. It is not searcher or finder or anything, but it is RE-searcher. Every single person that is on this earth today knows of truth, or knew it. Now we are re-teaching, and they are re-searching. I know I am a dork but hey I though it was cool!

This week I had my one month day! It was really weird to think I have been out for one entire full month.

In our district meeting on Sunday we had a discussion on “Enduring to the End”. Some cool stories and thoughts were shared. One thing that we did was replace the word “Endure”. Here are some ideas from my district; Progress to the end, smile to the end, improve to the end!

Some ingenious missionaries developed this awesome game. We call it missionario pingo-pongo (missionary ping pong). It is a lot of fun. You get you tag and hold it in one hand with your pointer and ring finger on the front and your middle finger on back. You flick the back with your middle finger to make it sound like a ping pong hit, and you play another missionary. It is really quite entertaining in my opinion!

There is a really cool story about the man that translated the pearl of great price into an African dialect. At the time he was the only man who could speak English, reformed Egyptian, and the correct dialect. He was not LDS but agreed to it. I cannot type the whole story but you should look it up! it is quite awesome!

This week has been crazy and has flown by like a ninja! Haha oh goodness this mission is going to go by too fast.

I love you all!
Elder Kanaga

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