Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3rd P-day Email to Family and Friends

Whoa! This email sounds like our boy had some ups and downs. Enjoy!

P-Day Email July 16, 2013

Minha familia e meu amigos,

Tudo Bem!!!!!!!

I hope all is well in Mesa!

I can not believe it. My MTC stay is more than half over! I have less than 21 days left! If all works expeditiously in the Realm of VISA's then I will be departing to fly to Africa on August fourth!! I am so excited!

This week has been quite the week.

We found out that our new instructor is Irmao Belchoir (French pronunciation like Bell-shore kinda-ish....) Anyways he is just about the coolest guy ever! And do you know what the best part is? He is Native from Mozambique!!!! What a tremendous blessing! Our Loving Heavenly Father has most definatly answered my prayers! It is a extremely rare occasion to get a native as your instructor! He is pretty much the nicest guy in the world too! He officially starts as our instructor on Thursday!

I was watching a Mormon Message this week (we get to do that here!). I watched a 2011 one titled "A Book Of Mormon Story". A quote that was in it is; "I want this book to fill the world." I immediately thought "I want the world to feel this book." I don't know, I thought it was cool, take what you want from it.

On Friday, we had TRC or Training Resource Center. Local members volunteer their time and come to the MTC. We talk (in Portuguese of course!) with them, as themselves and it's like a member home visit type of a thing. It is actually really super cool. One guy we talked to is from Mesa Arizona! He graduated from Mountain View 2008. Small World Right!!!!

Another small world moment: On Sunday, during movie night (We watched the Testaments), I was talking to a sister. She asked where I was from I of course told her the promised land - Mesa. She asked if I knew a missionary from Mesa serving in her home ward. I didn't recognize the name at first (dumb me). Then she said his first name, Connor. Connor Walz!!! How cool is that. He was in priest quorum with me! I love that small world thing!

So the MTC is like a island or an isolated village. It is like 100% self contained and you forget your in Utah because you are in the MTC.

I had a "FUN" experience on Friday, I visited the Med Shack at the field! So basically, in the first two minutes of playing soccer I got hurt. I was on Defense (as if I can say that. I am horrible at soccer) and we were right by the goal. The ball was equidistant between an enemy and I. We both ran for it. I got to it one second before he did. We both kicked it, me slightly first. I am sure Mr. Canaday could work a sweetly fun physics problem out of this. The ball ended up at a seventy degree angle from the ground to me. It contacted with my face, namely my glasses. The glasses flew twelve feet in the air and landed, unharmed might I add.
With my face hurting I picked my glasses up and was ready to play. Then someone said "Dude you're bleeding, you should get it looked at." I wiped my forehead and sure enough plenty of blood. I am not sure how because it was my brown smooth glasses. Anyway there was some skin left over in the glasses rim so it happened because of the glasses. The Med Shack ended up steri-stripping it (just like Dad has always done) and its all good. They took a picture, I tried to get them to text it to Mom but they wouldn't. I will have a nice Harry Potter-ish scar now. Haha! It extends from about half inch from my eye to about an inch from my hair line.

I am so luck it didn't get my eye. Plus I cannot imagine the damage done if it had been my other pair of glasses.
Mama the editor note: His other glasses have a titanium steel frame. I am so glad he was not wearing those that day. 
I love his eyes. The color of his eyes seem to change depending on what he is wearing
When he was little and he would ask what color his eyes were we would say tadpole. 

I am being blessed and helped. In sacrament meeting I could understand the Portuguese talks. And it wasn't like I had to "mind translate them", the words just made sense! I love the Lord!!!

If you have any questions write me or email my mom. I will answer if there is anything you want to hear about I love to tell.

I love all you!
Elder Kanaga



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