Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Email to Family and Friends

It is P-Day for Elder Kanaga today! He included this letter to family and friends in his email and asked me to post it on the blog. (It's public so the entire letter is posted and I didn't bother with quotes).

He also asked me to collect snail mail addresses because that will be his main form of communication with his friends and most of the family. His phone will still be functioning for a few days so you can text your mailing address to his phone or email it to our family email or the email address he was using prior to the mission.

P-Day Email July 2, 2013

Family and Friends,

The MTC is such an extraordinary place! Every second is filled with the Spirit and hard work. There is hardly ever a moment of unscheduled time! Our language studies are amazing and blessed from on high! I can honestly say that I believe I have learned more in 5 days of studying the language and SYL (speak your language) or FSL (Falar sua lingua) in Portuguese than I did in 2 years of high school Spanish!

Do not listen to what anyone says. MTC food rocks! I am totally going to miss these awesome meals and epic amounts of Chocolate milk, Orange Strawberry Mango Juice, and pretty much the best food ever! Randy, the Orange juice in awesome!

Every day is awesome! We have like 3 hours of language study, a bunch of "class" time and "additional study time". So surprisingly enough almost all of our time is left up to us to utilize! It really follows Bishop Biggs message, "You get out of it only what you put into it!" it is a blast and for anyone that is coming to the MTC just work hard and make it to your "First Sunday" everyone says it gets better after that, I think it just gets more normal and stuff but Sundays are amazing!

We got to listen to Brother Swenson! Bryson, you are going to love him! He has been called as the Brazil MTC president! He is so funny and kind! I cannot wait for you to meet him! He gave us advice and asked if he could speak to us as our "Grandpa"! He is loving and funny!

Also for "Movie Night" my district went into "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar! It was so amazing! I don’t know if you all have access to it but if there is any way you can see it I would challenge all of you to! We almost didn’t get to see it because the room was so packed! Everyone was standing in the back because all the chairs were taken. I sat on the floor! They had to ask some missionaries to leave for fire hazard reasons! It is that good!!!!

Also on Sunday we all went to choir practice! We will be singing tonight in the Marriott center for Tuesday Night devotionals! It is an amazing song about the pilgrims and the revolution. It tells of the vast faith and trials our ancestors endured to give us what we have. I believe it is called Faith of our Fathers! It rocks!

I miss you all and love you all! The days fly by in a blur! It feels like I have known my district forever, but I have only known of each of their existence for a total of 6 days!

Elder Brent Hakes reported with me and he has the same meal schedule so I see him all the time! The other day i ran into Hermana Biggs! So cool to see some people from home! I hope to run into Elder Brandon Clark if he isn’t already transferred to the Spain MTC!

This work is blessed and called of God! I love it and know it is a blessing in my life! I hope to here form you all and hope that your lives all rock!

Elder Kanaga


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