Friday, July 19, 2013

Amo vos! Você são muito boa força a mim.

Parts of a letter home
Written on P-day July 16, 2013

Amo vos! Você são muito boa força a mim.

If I entered what he wrote correctly into, He wrote: I love you! You are very good strength to me. 

Thank you for all that you guys constantly do. I love every single letter I get. By the way, I found out Saturday is not a good day for DearElder. (We had, had some previous discussion on P-day email days about if DearElder delivered letters and/or packages on Saturdays).

I will try not to be hard on myself with the language. It can be very frustrating at times though. I loved your quote on enduring. Your words are wonderful.

I am so pround of Kaylynn and her perserverance! (He is responding to the news that his sister-n-law just graduated from ASU. YEA! Kaylynn!

I am so happy to hear all of the news on Devy. I hope she is doing well! Eisley is going to be a stubborn girl. (Elder Kanaga didn't know it but his niece, Eisley, was born on the very night he wrote this letter). Dev is crazy but such a trooper for not having pain meds. (The doctors had to turn the baby the week before). She is already sacrificing so much for her baby and she will be an exemplary mother. Now that the baby has been turned is Dev in much less pain?

I remember the trust issues with opening Dallin's letters. That is hilarious. (He is responding to how his Dad wouldn't leave me alone in the car with his letter for fear I would open it and read it without him. When his brother was on his mission, there would be some weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth if anyone read Dallin's letters without all family member's present).

He writes about the Mesa, Arizona Temple being closed for maintenance:
I remember temple rushes. I would ask you to go often when it reopens. I miss it so much! I wish I could go again, but it will be something to look forward to when I get home.

I love the picture of the friends you sent. I miss Avel and all my friends!

Cookie Night picture I sent him from his Farewell Party the
Saturday night before he was set-apart and left to the MTC.
Sunday's in the MTC are crazy. We have study time then Priesthood. Next is study time then Sacrament Meeting. Then we have study time then choir practice. After that we go to a devotional and then movies then home. It is so funny, in our district, we say "I can't wait to go home." We are of course referring to our home of three weeks or room 6M-425. MTC  Sacrament meetings are the quietest I have ever been in.

I have been so blessed! I love my new teacher. I had my prayers answered for sure.

So I assume you have read and are worried about my head. I am okay. I have also been sick but I am getting better. My leave date is now August 4th. I hope you aren't worried, I am 100% good.

I told you in my last letter about my Mormon Messages moment. Another Mormon Message I watched was Elder Bednars 2012 one on light. It was awesome. (Watch Elder Bednar's message on light: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,).

He continues:
My one word for light would be "RAY" because rays are straight and narrow.

I have found out I am a master stitcher. My pants had a small tear and I stitched it! It looks awesome!

I love that the Book of Mormon says "Another" testament. It shows that we still hold the Bible in the highest regards! My companion said, "It took the Bible to get the Book of Mormon." If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him (James 1:5).

A cool thing from my scripture study; the path of passing down the plates comparing Lehi to Joseph Smith.

This is a scan of the table he sent showing the similarities
between the ancient prophet Lehi and prophet Joseph Smith.

Tell me if you can read my cursive or not. I might write my letters in cursive if it isn't too bad. An extra fun fact about the district that just departed. They passed on a ceremonial 2lb candy cane! It has been signed and passed down week after week. So we will sign it and pass it down when we leave.

You know how you said I would need to not be an "early freak"? Well you are correct, my earliness has come back to bite me in the behind!

I love you guys and miss you so much! I know that I am growing and being blessed here. You raised me so well and taught me to work! For that I am infinitely grateful!

Tchauzinho! (A little goodbye. For two years is but a short time).

We had so many WONDERFUL things happen this week and this letter from our missionary was one of them for sure!

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