Monday, March 3, 2014

T-3 29th week - March 3, 2014

It was a little hard to get out of T-3 on P-Day. It was hard to get a chapa. It is the Combatentes Chapa, and for whatever reason none of them came for like 20 minutes. Then a huge rush of them came. In T-3 Chapa lines are interesting, at least in the mornings. In Beira it was a Chapa mash-pit. Here it is usually a bit better (but not downtown, it's still a Chapa mash-pit).We had a great P-Day, the whole day had pretty good weather. It was awesome! Family night was good, nothing crazy we just played hot potato and stuff. It was a really good day.

Tuesday not a single lesson dropped, it was a miracle. Another little miracle for me happened in the lesson with a less active member that was baptized and living in South Africa for three years. She speaks English well. She really doesn't know how to discuss gospel topics in Portuguese, just English. So I had a really cool opportunity to translate everything she said into Portuguese for her aunt which was really cool. Later as we were walking, in 5 seconds a flash downpour came out of nowhere. So we ran in to cover the nearest investigators home. The rain pass fairly quickly and, luckily, didn't start until after we got home.

Wednesday was an interesting day. We went out and did contacts, then had studies, lunch, and left for the area. Only 2.5 lessons fell (.5 equals super late). But the lesson that went through were good. Some miracles for the day: #1, good weather the whole day! #2, members to walk with. It amazes me, we are getting so blessed with members. People calling us to say they can give up hours of their day to help us. This Wednesday was really a double miracle, because the joven that called us and spent four hours of his days helping teach the gospel is a less active member. What a blessing and… #3: crazy drunkards on the road did tell me I can't speak Portuguese. Yep, kind of an odd miracle. Well it made me and I can obviously speak Portuguese, so I actually enjoyed it. I find it so interesting that I is I am looking for miracles I can see more and more of them. And it isn't like anything out of the ordinary is happening, I am just noticing blessings more and more. Which, to me, in and of itself is quite a miracle.

This week I was so excited to use American deodorant. I had left a couple of sticks at the mission home when I went to Manga. I finally used up the rest of my Mozambican deodorant and started using the American stuff. Wow! American deodorant is a miracle! It is such amazing stuff. 

I love it when it is windy! It is so nice to have a nice solid breeze to keep me cool. What a blessing that is to have some days. 

We were teaching a lesson with M------, who is a recently baptized joven (youth). He was bearing testimony. It just is amazes me, how can you see him "growing" almost quite literally. I can see the light of Christ emanating from him. 

I had one of the favorite days on my mission so far. in the morning, I had a division with elder Herd. It was a super good day. It started out with us going to do some contacting before District Meeting. We walked around and did some good contacts. Then 10H we had district (party) meeting. The reason for that is because it was Elder Rebollo's birthday! Then something super funny happened during district meeting. Elder Barroso had a little activity. It was based on "Listening and Obeying the Spirit". He had us take off our ties. He gave us some random objects to hold. Then told us to use our ties as blindfolds. He said it was very important that we didn't look. After we blindfolded ourselves, he kept repeating two phrases, "Put everything you don't need to be sitting, in the middle of the circle" and, "It can sometimes be hard to understand what the spirit is telling you." After a bit I put down my books, then my sandals, then my watch, belt, name tag, and finally my shirt! After all, I didn't need them to stay sitting did I? He had us all take off the blindfolds (at least those of us that still had them on). The object was to take off the blindfolds. However, he had very specifically and clearly stated that we were not allowed to see what the other elders were doing, so I thought removing the blindfold was against the rules. The rest of our day was super good, although, we did get the division curse, and almost all of our lessons fell through. So we did do a lot of walking (we got 35,242 steps, the most in one day so far) and a lot of talking and got a lot of contacts. The whole day was just one big happy miracle.

Saturday and the miracle of getting 10 contacts in 45 minutes. Then we headed to church for the wedding of a couple in Elder Rebollo Reeds area. The wedding was supposed to start at 9H but the bride didn't get there until around 12H. The did the wedding and baptism but then she took another hour and 15 minutes to get dressed again. Elder NDala and I actually left before she was done because we had lessons marked. I mean it's not a problem, it's her wedding day, if she wants to take up some time that's her right. We had a good lesson C---- and another lesson with J---- and M-----.

My Sunday miracle was working air-conditioners in the church! 

It was a really good week. 

Loves (My heart went beat beat when I read this last word. When he was little, instead of saying "I love you" he would say "I loves" or "Loves".)

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