Monday, March 24, 2014

Maxixe 32nd week - March 24, 2014

Normally on P-Day, “tracting” is done from 18H – 21H, but in Maxixe more people are available in the morning. Last P-Day we got up and went to work first then we emailed our families and did our shopping. When we got home, I studied and “jimmy-rigged” a tie rack before resting and some more studying. My miracle for P-Day was that I felt rested and that I had a productive day.

I have made a “Spider-Proof” decision. I have started to call my mosquito net a “bug-net”. I hope this can help the spiders clearly understand the net is to keep them out too.

This week we had a lot of contacts and had a recent convert lesson with A-------- and E-----. About half of our lessons fell through during the week and Saturday it rained a lot, so unfortunately all but one lesson fell though that day. But, if we didn’t have “bad days” we wouldn’t know what a “good day” was.  Even bad days can be a miracle.

Luckily we were able to visit some recent converts. It was funny, we made the trip out to “Matador” (or “Killer” where they slaughter cows) twice on Tuesday. Both times the lessons fell through. It is about a 40 minute walk to Matador but it was still a good day.

It is so hot here, I’ve decided water is a miracle. Water brings such relief to the body. It is no wonder that Christ chose to call His word, His Gospel, “The Living Water” because the gospel of Jesus Christ brings infinite relief to the soul.

Wednesday after contacts, lunch and two lessons, we had to come home because Elder DePino had a presidency meeting to attend. That meeting lasted 3 hours which gave me a lot of time to study, which was nice, but after a bit I was ready to be back out contacting and teaching. Also on Wednesday, A--- (the secretary of this branch) was able to help me, help Elder Rebollo. A--- went to get some documents for me that Elder Rebollo had asked me to get that were outside our area. Miraculously A--- was able to get them for us.

I feel immense gratitude for the schooling I had and the opportunity I will have to continue my education.

First thing in the morning on Friday, the water company turned off our water. There was some problem with billing. I don’t really understand exactly what the problem is. That night the power went out too but early Sunday morning was restored.  The water is to be restored sometime on Monday.

Saturday I was grateful for the miracle of water storage! I had filled up all of the empty bottles of water which saved us from dehydration!

We had 31 people at church and church went really well. I especially enjoyed a member’s talk on Sabbath Day observance and the Principles of the Gospel lesson. We are hoping for water on Monday.

It is great how a mission has changed me, my outlook on life, my priorities and even what I eat. One of my favorite meals now is rice and kidney beans with bell pepper, onion and chicken or sausage with hot sauce.

(The internet was slow this week so no pictures but he was able to send this post)

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