Monday, March 17, 2014

Maxixe 31st week - March 17, 2014

We don't have to take a chapa on P-Day because both the internet and shopping are within walking distance. It was a miracle that we had Internet. I was told there have been quite a few weeks that the missionaries haven't been able to e-mail. It was also a miracle we didn't get rained on. It rained after we got home and stopped before we went out to work.

Maxixe is HOT. Especially when the power is out in the middle of the night and break something. We didn't get power working until 19H on Tuesday which made studies and lunch boiling. I was sweating so bad and when we went out I got lightly sunburned. Lot's of lessons fell through but the miracle is we did get power back.

 A lot of lessons fell through this week but we still had quite a few. So I made up a new activity. I call it "missionary swimming". It's not actually swimming of course. It's when, as a missionary, your sweating so much you are practically completely immersed in water, and thus swimming. I do it pretty much every day here. A huge miracle here in Maxixe is shade! The shade really helps. It rained all Wednesday night and all Thursday morning. I love the sound of rain while I sleep, it's great. But it isn't good for missionary work. Literally every Mozambican disappears. The rain more or less stopped after lunch and we were able to get a full day of lessons in. The miracle was I didn't sweat all on Thursday! It was a beautiful cloudy and windy day.

We met a new family. We accidentally went into their yard. They are already married, so will see if they progress. 
We have been working a lot with an investigator A--------- so he can get his documents here so he and his wife can open the marriage process. And it's a miracle that his documents got here on Friday! They opened the process and we are helping them prepare.

I watched about 10 chickens lives end as things were prepared for a wedding celebration for Saturday. The wedding went good. The baptisms were good as well. Both were simple and very nice. After we ate a lot of food (some chicken) and then went out to work. Unfortunately quite a few lessons fell through but we still got some good ones. It is a miracle that to more of God's children have entered into the sacred covenants of baptism!

Sunday was good I gave more or less of a surprise talk in sacrament meeting (I had some time to prepare) I spoke on charity. We had lunch and some lessons. It was a good day Sunday and a good first week in Maxixe.

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