Monday, February 24, 2014

T-3 28th week - February 24. 2014

Family night this week was good fun and we had correlation meeting afterwards. The miracle on Monday was part of one of the hymns we sung in family night "En Proclamarie Com Amor" or "I will Proclaim with Love". I like that, I need to love more WHILE I proclaim regardless of if I am tired or whatever.

Tuesday we had a lot of good contacts the little miracle for Tuesday was how infinitely loyal and loving dogs are. We were the members home. Their dog Trying to come up on the porch. They kept hitting her with the flip-flop. She just kept wagging her tail, longingly and lovingly looking at them. Just wanting their approval.

Wednesday was a day marked full of lessons, half of them fell through. It was sill a miracle that we got as many as we did. We had the surprise of members being present for some of the lessons. Crazy good miracle! We were sitting waiting at the church for the people we had an appointment to teach. Three joven's that were baptized two weeks ago, and who were recently called as branch missionaries, showed up and taught with us. These recent coverts give up a lot of time to teach with the missionaries. Amazing!

This week, while walking around trying to get contacts, We ran into a girl who has been a member for four years. she just moved back here from South Africa. I hope we can help her  because right now she's a little inactive. We had zone meeting this week. Afterwards, as we were waiting for a chapa, a car pulled up. It was a member, he went out of his way to take us to the T-3 Meeting house. It was for sure a miracle. I was on division with Elder Barroso one day this week, we walked his area We had some really good lessons. I really enjoyed doing divisions. Miracles.

Saturday was a wedding and baptism day for 2 couples. One couple from Elder Barroso and Herd's area and one couple from elder Rebolllo and Reed's area. Before one of the baptisms, Elder Rebollo said "Elder Kanaga, we need your help" He told me that the baptismal font was too full. The son of one of the couples would quite literally be "in over his head" so we bucket emptied some of the water and it worked out fine. It is a miracle to see these people take the steps to get married so they can make their first covenant of baptism

Sunday was crazy. Elder Rebollo and I got selected to help in the nursery...  it was wild! It ended up that we spent just 10 minutes getting quite literally pelted with hard plastic balls. Then the Nursery workers showed up. 

We had lots of investigators at church and the miracle of 195 frequency! I pray that J---- and M---- will feel the importance of getting married and that they will start that process. They are amazing and haven't missed church since we met them.

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