Monday, March 10, 2014

T-3 and new area Maxixe 30th week - March 10, 2014

P-day was good, however, it started out with a big mean disappointment. Here’s the story: We got up, cleaned, and got out the door. We caught a chapa pretty fast. Had a nice long bumpy ride and got to our computer café. I stepped in and the first words I hear are “There is no internet”. Now I will have you understand a couple of quick facts - I am a missionary, I only get to communicate with my family once a week, by way of internet, on Mondays. We stood outside for 5 minutes with the general feeling/thought  “No internet...did the world end…No that possible…what are we supposed to do now?" We decided to see if some of the more expensive, slower internet cafés near our house were working. We did find internet closer to home for double the price. What a miracle we still got to email our families. That night, we went to Family Night and played musical chairs and Cadeia Chefe. Sadly because of my NEW spider bite (Which hurt very bad and was inconveniently located in my armpit) I wasn't in a super playful mood. It was a good day. Mama Editor: I am sparing the readers the details (as I did when he was bit in Manga). You really don't want to know or see the beginning, middle or end of what happens. I am sure he will require some medication and the bite will heal eventually as his bite in Manga did.

Tuesday also started out with a disappointment. I didn't get very good sleep and when I got out of bed the house was strangely quite. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the light but nothing happened. Then I realized “Oh… It’s been raining, we don’t have any power, flashlight!” Miraculously, a couple of hours later our power linked back on. Unfortunately by that time, we didn't have running water but it a couple of hours later the water came back on. It was a good day, it rained a lot and more or less all day. All I can say is I am so thankful for a dry home, bed and clothes to come home to on days like Tuesday. The are a little miracles.

What a day was Wednesday. Wow it pretty much started out the same as Tuesday, no power, then no water then the power came back on and finally the water did too. It was super rainy in the morning. A lot of puddles and so we had to use boots. Oh yay! I love boots. If you ever played “the Legend of Zelda: you will know what I mean when I say that by the end  of the day, I felt like I had been using "The boots of iron”.

We had mini-divisions with Elder Herd and Barroso. Elder Borroso needed to interview an investigator A--------- for baptism. Elder Ndala went with Elder Barrosso and I went with Elder Herd. We had a lesson and did contacts. At lunch, Elder Borroso said that President Kretly wanted me to call him. President Kretly said “Elder Kanaga, you are being transferred this Saturday. You will be going to Maxixe” We talked about the transfer. The transfer happened early, because Elder Brandoa, who was still in Maxixe, will be going home after completing his two years. The trip to Maxixe was scheduled for Saturday. I was super excited, Maxixe was just made a branch from being a group. So it is pretty small but ready for growth. 

Thursday sadly, almost all of our lessons fell through. It was however quite the miracle that we didn't have to wear boots! Our last lesson on Thursday was with J--- and M----. It was good. I said goodbye. J--- was sad to see me go but I assured him he will like the next elder. As we were leaving, a great miracle happened, we were walking and a chapa backed up right into our path. The driver said "beep-beep". It was C------! I got a last chance to say goodbye to him! I wasn't going to be able to, we got to see him before I left to say goodbye. Sadly, I will be missing his baptism as well as  A---------. That is super sad I love those guys.

Friday was my last day in T-3. Crazy, no not really crazy it was a good day though instead of doing contacts in the morning. Elder NDala and I went to the church and cleaned out the baptismal font. That took a while. When we went out to the area, sadly, almost all of our lessons fell through. At one point we came back to the house to grab some water, and Elder NDala wanted to grab his debit card so he could take out some money. When we got there, we discovered that the new trainer of Elder Barrasso had already arrived. The office had sent him with the envelope I had left in the office. It had my drivers license, a copy of my passport, and money. I am really not sure why they sent that to me. Elder NDala thought I may be driving in Maxixe. The rest of the day every lesson fell through. We came back a little early so I could finish packing. It is weird to already be leaving T-3. I feel like I was basically just here. It's super interesting how this time works. Anyway that was my last day in T-3.

Saturday I woke up and got ready and left with the Hobson's for what turned out to be an eight hour trip. It was awesome. I got some great pictures it was a really good drive. I love Maxixe, I can see the ocean from our house. It is a pretty nice city. Sadly, it does not have a ShopRite or anything like it we just have a little shop. It has all we need though. It was a good but long day. There will be no other elders in Maxixe just me and my Cape Verdian companion Elder Depina.

Sunday we had 36 people at church! It is a different place. We live in the church. Church takes place in our front room. But the church was good after that we went to invetigaor and member homes so Elder Brandao could say goodbye. 

Oh our house is hot!

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