Monday, January 27, 2014

T-3 24th week - January 27, 2014

Elder Kanaga was not able to send a blog update this week. However, we have some great pictures to share.

Restauraunte Ma'ide in Beira. This is where the missionaries ate on P-Days while in Manga
Transfers came a week early. Elder Kanaga was transferred to a place called T-3. It is about one hour (by car) from the mission home.

The missionaries saying their last good-bye to the Snelsons and the Manga/Beira area.
A big thank you to Sister Snelson for emailing the pictures.
Leaving for T-3

The sandy roads of T-3

A toy commonly made (by the children themselves) throughout Mozambique.
Elder Kanaga was struck by the ingenuity of the children.

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