Monday, January 20, 2014

Manga 23rd week - January, 20 2014

I love my P-Day Mondays. We e-mailed our families, ate lunch, shop and came home. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary just a good day in Mozambique. Then we went to our area we had family night at Jxxxxxx Coxxxx's home. It was super fun. We played Mafia! 

This weeks we had a visit with  E------ and S------. They still surprised me. When we visited them Tuesday, E------ had some more questions, like "What are the churches 'laws'?" I've explained that the church doesn't have rules or "laws". They are God's commandments. He asked, "What foods are prohibited to eat?" We explained the Word of Wisdom to him (Doctrine and Covenants 89). We taught him about the book of Mormon and we gave him one. He was so excited. I know he will read it because of how much time he spends reading the Bible.

On a side comment, we are having power outages all the time! It's super fun. In fact as I am writing this the power has gone out on three different occasions

Many of our lessons fell through on Wednesday which was really a shame since we were walking with M-----. Sadly, we only got two lessons in that day, they were good lessons though. One of them was the first lesson. M----- bore his testimony about the church and shared his conversion story. Wow, the spirit that was there was amazing! Funny enough, even teaching English class that evening fell through. There was some confusion so Elder Galland and Lynn were already there and we let them teach it.

We walked with J------ C---- this week and had a lot of lessons which were all really awesome. I love seeing the people we teach grow and progress. I love to see when they have a question and together we find the answer, just watching everything make sense in their heads. Thursday E------ asked why God would tell Nephi to kill Laban. We explained it. He was still curious, then J------ made an interesting comparison. He said, it is like how God let Christ die so that we can all be saved.

We also had some good lessons as we walked with Irmão P----. 

Sunday, we had no power in church except for the last few minutes (grumble, grumble - eye twitch…), but we had some awesome lesson Sunday and really a good week.

Elder Kanaga is loving fresh pineapple! He says it tastes so different from the ones we get here.

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