Monday, January 6, 2014

Manga 21st week - January 6, 2014

We had Zone Conference and training from President and Sister Kretly. His youngest son was there (visiting for the holidays) it was just an awesome conference. On the way there I tripped (over a hidden pot hole) into a pool (small lake) that the pothole was hidden in. Other than being a bit wet it was awesome.

Wednesday started a new year I was dehydrated because I didn’t drink enough in zone conference. But other than that we had an awesome day. The highlight of our Wednesday was our lesson with A----- & I---. They want to get married! He told us he use to drink a lot. Now, even on holidays (prime drinking time) he has only had water and soda. He told us he stopped the day he saw us and gave us his number! What a miracle.

We had a good restoration lesson with a family; I hope we can see this particular family progress. We walked a little with P----. He introduced us to some really awesome families. I hope we can get them to come back to church.

On Friday we had a Division Day. Elder Lynn and I were in my area. It was a pretty great day and we had a good lesson with A----- & I----. We also had a good lesson with C----- & J-----. The day had a hard time deciding whether it wanted to be blistering hot or rainy. It ended switching between the two…Ugh!

We had another wedding then baptism at the church this week for Manga 1A.

I saw my first Chameleon but it didn’t like me. He bit me and hissed at me. It was funny but I can now see why Mozambicans are afraid of them. They really hate chameleons. They believe if you get bit you die.

 It has been raining on and off for days but amazingly people still showed up to church. Some of them were soaking wet because they had to walk for 30 minutes in the rain and puddles without boots or an umbrella. After church and correlation meeting with the branch mission, we had a really good lesson with A----- and I---.

It was a great week.
Elder Kanaga has lost so much weight he had to trade his
  suit for one left in the house he is living in. I think he looks

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