Monday, January 13, 2014

Manga 22nd Week - Janaury 13, 2014

So much rain! My umbrella broke but I bought a $3 one in the market. We will see how long it lasts. Umbrellas are superior to ponchos because ponchos hold the heat in plus you can angle an umbrella. Thursday we finally had a break from the rain.
Monday night we did New Years Resolutions with a family in our area. They loved it and it was funny how “into it” they got.
We had some lessons fall through this week but we definitely had some legit lessons. A new family we have started teaching M----- and I----- and his parents T---- and A---- so they have been progressing good. I really hope they make it to baptism. Of course I hope that for every investigator I have.

I ate my first pineapple popsicle style. It’s very cool. On the side of the road they sell baby pineapple for 30 cents (American) each. They are about 6 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter. When you buy it, they cut it up right then and there. They cut the outside off but leave the spiky leaf attached. You hold the leaf and eat it like a popsicle. We walked with Irmão P----. He introduced us to some less active members and some old investigators. It will be really good to teach them. Maybe they are ready this time around!
Friday it was division with my old companion Elder Galland. This time divisions was in my area. I got to show him around and introduce him to all of our awesome families. It was a good day we had good lessons and fun too.
Energy Problems… I woke up at 4 in the morning on Saturday rather sweaty because energy had already been off for 3 hours. Something crazy was going on the energy was pulsing and all of our A/C units wouldn’t stop beeping. Finally we unplugged them and got a couple more hours of half sleep. We went the entire morning without energy. No energy until 1400 It was pretty darn hot I will stay. However putting unreliable energy aside, we had a good Saturday. Although half of our lessons fell through, half of them rocked.
This may have been the best Sunday I have had on the mission so far. Church was full with an awesome frequency of 233 in sacrament meeting. But wow here goes a miracle for Sunday:
Right before sacrament meeting started Elder Cummings called me over. He was talking to a man. This man, his wife and children had come to church for two weeks straight. They like it. They weren’t currently having the missionary lessons but he wanted them and he lives in our area! We got his number and set up for a time to visit him and his family after church.
After church we went over and met with him. Before we even started he asked 3 questions. He started out by telling us some of his background. He had been in a church since childhood but after growing up he read the Bible. He felt his church was not in line with Christ’s teaching. He wanted to follow the true path of Christ. #1: He asked if it (the true path or Christ) was our Church. He said he felt it is. He said he was already baptized, but he knew the baptism he had wasn’t valid. #2 He wanted to know if he could receive the right baptism. A couple of months ago he and his wife did a ring ceremony but he wants to get married legally. #2: He wanted to know what he needs to do. We answered his questions and had an awesome lesson.

E um Milagre! (This mission is a miracle!)

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