Monday, February 10, 2014

T-3 26th week - February 10, 2014

One great thing about P-Day being moved to Tuesday last week was that we ate at Mimmos. It's a pizza place where they have a Tuesday deal 2 for 1 pizzas. It was really good but it is way too expensive to eat pizza there any day but Tuesday. That evening, after P-Day ended we had a good lesson with M----- and O-----. Two of the four joven's that will be getting baptized on Saturday came with us, it was an awesome lesson. Even though it came a day late, it was an awesome P-Day.

Roma! That translates into English as "pomegranate" a fruit that I haven't seen seven months. I didn't think I would see another pomegranate until I got home. However, there is a member in our area that has  a tree. She is more than happy to share the fruit! I love pomegranate!

My glasses broke. They're not broken super bad, but I don't know if I will be able to get them fixed. The screw that holds the frame together (clapping in the lens) broke in half half of it all the way in the threads. They were my favorite glasses because they are lighter and don't slide down my as much. Luckily I do have my other pair. 

Thursday we found a miracle family, literally. We saw family and decided to contact them. They said "what a coincidence, we have been looking for you guys." The wife's uncle is a leader in the church Beira. They went to church a couple of times when they lived there. When they moved here, they didn't know where our meeting house was. They live in a different area, not ours. I hope we see them at church. 

So something strange happened this week when I tried to contact a guy. Tried… I saw a man walking toward me so I said, "Good evening" and put out my hand to shake. He walked past saying he was in a hurry. Then he reached back at the last moment and slapped my extended hand. I was just being nice. He slapped my hand…

Friday in preparation for baptisms on Saturday, we went to the church to clean out the baptismal font. We used buckets to empty some of the water. We had a hose and I tried to get a siphon going. I got water out one end, which wasn't easy because I was the siphon pump but I think since there wasn't a lot of water and the font, there wasn't enough pressure to get the siphon going. The next morning we had baptisms then a full day of lessons in the afternoon and evening. 

Elder Kanaga says "These young men are amazing!"

Sunday at church we found out Sister Hobson made us a cake! It was so good. She is awesome. Sadly, the rest of the day literally everything fell through. 

Overall, it was a good week, we have some "golden" families. One is J---- and M----. They are definitely prepared! 

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