Monday, June 16, 2014

Maxixe 44th week - June 16, 2014

On P-Day all of our lessons fell through but on the bright side, we got twelve contacts.

We were able to pay for our Fipag or water bill. We withdrew the money and waited in the line and got the Fipag paid with the account zeroed out. No late fees, nothing, all bright and happy. We still had some 4,000 odd metecals left over for the power. Well, that is when things went a bit down-hill. The normal place we buy cred-elec was closed. Their computers were down. The only other place that exists here in Maxixe had a huge, massive, beast of a not-so-line. Technically it was a line but physically it was just a big ole’ mash-pit. We found out who was last in line and got behind them. We waited for upwards of two whole hours. The line wasn’t moving. They system was out. We called Axxx and asked him if he could go to Inhambane to buy us cred-elec.

We ate lunch and gave him the money and went all the way to market of Sujeria for a lesson that fell though. Then we walked about half way to Homoni which is pronounced Um-Weni to a barrio called Abana. It was mato mesmo! It was beautiful. We were visiting Exxxxxxx. He is here working from T-3. He came with a member, Irmão Oxxxxxx. He has been coming to church for about three months. Well I stupidly, but accidently got us a chapa to Expansão. Luckily we realized not too far in and got off, walked back to the Praca and got on the right chapa. We finally got out there and taught him. It was a super good lesson. He is really smart and appears to really have the desire to get baptized and learn more, not necessarily in that order. Then we had to get back to Maxixe. It was already 18H so that wasn’t easy. It took about another 30 minutes to get a chapa. All the cars on the road were “caixa-abertas” or open backed trucks. As missionaries, we have a rule that we cannot take those. We finally got back and headed home. On the birght side, we got to explore our area more. It is like being on an adventure. We also got to pick up our grill for grilling food. We got one member present. On the down side that was our only lesson for the day.

The next day we spent another hour waiting in cred-elec line. But this machine broke so we ended up paying some kid 20mt to buy us cred-elec on this phone through M-Pesa. That stressed me out, but it all ended up being good. Now we have energy for the house.

We got 18 contacts for Wednesday. That is a lot of contacts. As you must know by now, days with high contacts usually means low lessons. Unfortunately, that was in fact the case for Wednesday. We are getting plenty of contacts, but all of them are falling through as lessons, even some double-marked ones. I really hope we can start boosting these numbers so we can have a chance to see some baptisms. Speaking of baptisms, Jxxxxx and Lxxxx have now received all of the missionary lessons. Now it is review and hard-core document mode time. Mxxxxxx gave us permission to have Jxxxxxx do the yard at the church, so that rocks! Now he will not only have the money he needs to do documents but also to feed his wife and four children.

We visited Cxxxxx and Axxxxx Wednesday night. They too are doing well. However, they still haven’t picked up their Declarações do Bairro. So Wednesday night we really pushed how extremely important continued progress on these documents is for them. We committed Cxxxxx to go talk to the Chefe do Bairro that night mesmo so that he can pick up his documents. I really think with just a little bit of força and fé (strength and faith) we can get all three of these casais (couples) married on the 28th. That would be so fantastic if that could happen here in Maxixe.

Thursday was going to be our Expansão day, but sadly all of our marked lessons fell through, so we didn’t get to go. We worked on getting lessons from house contacts. It wasn’t going super well. We did get one with a man who shall not be named. He was looking for flaws and errors in everything we said, which took away from the ability for the Holy Ghost to be present. However, we had a good lesson after that. Then we had a member present with the Branch President at Rxxxxxx’s. It was good.

Friday was good, we got up early to run and get ready to be out of the house an hour early. We went to Abana again to teach Exxxxxxx. It was totally worth it. It was an absolutely awesome lesson. He is super solid and super ready. At the end of the lesson, one of his questions was – what are, or would be some of his responsibilities as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We read the baptismal covenant with him and talked about callings and the priesthood. The only down-side to that lesson is that it turned 100.1% impossible to get a chapa on the way home. We walked for an hour to get to Scananini and another 30 to 45 minutes until home. On the way home we got a call from the office elders that District Meeting would be promptly starting. So we sat on a log, ate bread, cookies and Molina during the meeting as we were all rather hungry. Molina is a really tasty, rather genius little bar with peanuts and sugar. Finally we arrived home and had comp study. The rest of the day was a half-decent day of lessons. We had a good one with an inactive sister. Irmã Pxxxxx. It was nice. I really hope she decides to come back to church. Then we walked a very, very long time to the very farthest point of Chambone to have another lesson. It went really nice.

Saturday! Bem, hoje foi um dia interesante, mesmo (Well, today was an interesting day, even). We went to Homoine. We went to visit Pxxxxxx. Things are quite different that I was led to believe. I had been told that Pxxxxxx and his family had more or less apostatized from the church. However, Pxxxxxx and Mxxxx still have very strong testimonies. They were just treaded very badly here in the church and were offended. They shared their story with us. They both have very interesting and individual conversion stories. They were so happy to receive a visit from us. They said they would be coming back to church this week (tomorrow) I really hope Presidente Chambal and the rest of the members receive and treat them well.

We had a first lesson with Sxxxxx. His wife wasn’t there but it was an awesome lesson. This guy is awesome. He is 25 and has been legally married for three years. He is like a golden investigator. He completely understood the lesson. The whole time he was agreeing with what we were saying. It was quite a solid lesson. We also had a really good lesson with the Rxxxxxx clan. They are all nice. Rxxxxxx is still “busy to be baptized” which just mean he really wants to get baptized. He truly does have a true desire.

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