Monday, June 23, 2014

Maxixe 45th week - June 23, 2014

Last Sunday was great. We had 56 people at church! Woo-hoo! That is so huge! This is the first time I have heard of Maxixe getting 50 to church much less passing it. What a huge blessing. Pxxxxxx and Mxxxx came, that is another Huge-normous blessing! Out of the 56 people at church 14 of them were investigators consisting of 4 families. That is awesome.  

After church we had a great lesson with a new investigator Mxxxx. He said he use to be a professional soccer player for Moçambique, but there were salary problems so he stopped. He told us he had planned to go to the city but felt he should come home, just after he arrived home we showed up unannounced!

We also had our weekly meeting with President Chambal which was good. Then we had a Plan of Salvation lesson with Cxxxxx and Axxxxx. Cxxxxx asked about “Fantasmo” or ghostly stuff. It’s frustrating because that stuff is so deeply ingrained but I have hope he can figure it out. Wednesday we had another good lesson with them on the Word of Wisdom which they accepted. Cxxxxx is afraid he won’t be able to leave tea alone. But we will always give him encouragement and he will achieve. The following Sunday we met with them again along with Axxxxxxxx and the branch president. They are also trudging along well on getting their documents.

P-Day was great, we got some good work done and had a nice time. We made super tasty chimmussas and played soccer. Great exercise!

As we were walking around the market I found a really nice Nike dri-fit Brazil futebol jersey so I gave in and bought it.

We got some awesome news that we will be able to go, only one time, to Inhambane. I am so excited. We will be going with a member.

Tuesday we had a full day marked but all of our lessons fell through. However, the Lord blessed us with finding lessons. We were able to sit with Oxxxxxx. I am hopeful he will come back. I also hope we can help Jxxx and Axxxxx. We also visited with Oxxxxx tonight. He is a recent convert and an Aaronic Priesthood holder. He is a bit inactive at the moment but I hope that through some good friendly visits, encouragement and a lot of love, we can get him back to church as well.

We visited with Axxxxxxxx and Exxxx. They still aren't reading and it really makes me sad for them. They have some difficulties to overcome. I hope they can learn that husband and wife are equal partners in a marriage and that each partner has full responsibility together. If they just keep blaming each other for what they have done or failed to do they will never progress or obtain unity in their family.

Sometimes I feel like my life before the mission doesn't exist. The memory is still there obviously, but it almost feels more like a dream I had or a movie I watched. It is an odd sensation to feel that way. I know in one year that is how I will start feeling about my mission. Enough of that!

We had an interesting lesson with Exxxxxx. We met with Jxxxxx about how he is doing and to prepare him a bit to receive the Melkezidek Priesthood which he was interviewed for the following Sunday. Presidente Chambal, the other elders and I all think it would be awesome to have him as the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency. This would be a blessing to me as I feel if I am in that position much longer my hair will either start falling out or turning gray. It has been a little stressful. He went with us to Cxxxxx and Axx’s with us. He taught the lesson. It went really well.

We also had a lesson marked with Rxxxxxx and his clan. Unfortunately his daughter has some heart problems and is in the hospital in Inhambane. I hope she will get better, they think they will have to send her to Maputo. We visited with Cxxxxx and Axxxxx but the rest of the family was with Rxxxxxx and his daughter which is good. They are a strong family and I truly cannont wait to see how the gospel blesses their lives.

Thursday we also read with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxxx. We had another lesson with them on Friday. That morning, we talked to the Conservador about how to get Lxxxx’s Certidôes from Massinga. That went pretty well. Luckily for us, we have a good relationship with the Registro so he is helping us out. They are really chugging along well and are still really reading and praying. They only thing that is holding them back is the documents which they are working on. Jxxxxxx will be going to Massinga on Monday to pick up the Lxxxx’s Certidôes. The name I gave their twins have stuck, Jxxxxxxho and Lxxxxiho. It is awesome! I don’t know if they will legally name them that but that is what they call them Lxxxxiho is the baby with more hair if you are wondering (he didn't send a picture so I will ask for one).

It is hard when all of our marked lessons from contacts fall through. Fortunately we are still able to sit with our progressing investigators. Elder Jarvis, Elder DaSilva and I wonder if God is telling and showing us that we really need to focus on getting our progressing investigators through the process. We did get 15 contacts and went deep into our area to a place called Macupuis. I am pretty sure that for the most part, this was the first time some of these people have seen a white person much less two. We were not able to get any good contact there but a nice woman gave us some sugar cane. I hope we can start getting some more lessons.

We had a great lesson with Sxxxx. It went well. We taught on the Book of Mormon. He didn't think his wife would sit with us but she did and she participated really well. I think they will be baptized.

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