Monday, April 7, 2014

Maxixe/Maputo 34th week - April 7, 2014

P-day I didn't need to grocery shop or do a lot of preparation for the week since I knew I would be traveling to Maputo the next day for Zone Conference on Wednesday. A ward member did come by to help me cook Feijoada. With a little supervision I was able to make it!

The next day was a very long and uncomfortable bus ride to Maputo. When I got there I walked with some Elders in Maputo 2. Then the A.P.'s picked me up so I could sleep at their house. Zone

Conference! Wow! It was so nice, President Kretly focused on the temple and family history. He wants us to really start focusing on them from the beginning with our investigators. It will be really cool. The temple and family history are two things that aren't usually brought up for awhile. However, I truly believe it will make a huge difference in the work. President told me I would be staying in Maputo for some time.

I don't know how long but I will be walking with the A.P.'s while I am in Maputo.I have really enjoyed walking with Elder Williams this week. We had some really amazing lessons and a lot of great contacts this week. I found out I like "collard greens" cooked in a certain way. Sunday it was weird being in a branch with so many people. I really like it though. There were some really great testimonies and lessons.

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