Monday, April 21, 2014

Maputo/Maxixe 36th week - April 21, 2014

Elder Kanaga and Elder Williams

P-day was Elder Williams last. We went to the church building in Matola and played basketball and soccer. When we were emailing our families I found out I would leave Wednesday at 2:30 in the morning to go back to Maxixe with Elder DePina. It also became apparent that I have a hernia. 

The next day, the hospital ran some blood tests and I had an ultra-sound. The doctor thinks if I quit doing sit-up, push-ups, crunches, or anything else that works my abdominal muscles, I should be able to finish my mission without needing surgery. 

I got one hour of sleep before we caught the bus to Maxixe. This was a much nicer bus than the one I took to Maputo. It had much larger seats which reclined. One of the times I woke up there was a little tray in front of me with two pieces of cheese, two rolls, a sleeve of biscuits (cookies) and a soda. When we got back to the house at Maxixe I realized I had lost the keys to our room. I ended up deciding to pay for the door to get fixed (after I kicked it in).

Thursday we had five solid lessons and Friday we had four. We also got word that we will be a trio as another missionary will be coming to Maxixe. I also got word that President Kretly was pleased with the luggage room I organized in Maputo. 

 Something good I like to make: I mash up and avocado and mix it with a little water and some hot sauce. Then I put beans, chicken and onions in a pan to start cooking. After the chicken has cooked I add in the avocado mixture and serve it over brown rice. Very good. 

Saturday morning started out sad as we had two lessons fall through. When we called to confirm, both numbers were fakes. That makes me really sad. A lot more of our lessons fell through. In fact only one lesson worked out. While we were waiting for the people to show for the lesson I had a nice chance to stare up at the stars. While doing so, I was interrupted by an odd sound. I looked down and saw a fair sized pig strolling by... The odd things that happen here! 

Sunday was Easter and we had 34 people at church.

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