Monday, April 14, 2014

Maputo 35th week - April 14, 2014

I will be honest, this week was great! 

I really loved walking with the AP's. Due to "National Woman's Day", Monday was not a normal P-Day, but a normal day of missionary work. So this week Tuesday was our P-Day and it was Elder Greenman's last P-Day so we went to the beach with a bunch of other missionaries and played volleyball. It stormed and rained a bit so it was cold but very fun. That evening we had one lesson and another lesson that fe1l through so we did some contacting.

Wednesday I walked with Maputo 1 and Thursday even though I am not in a leadership position I got to go to a leadership training meeting. President Kretly talked about the seven habits of highly effective people. Afterwords, Sister Kretly was telling some of us the story of getting called as mission president and mission presidents wife. It was really neat. 

Friday we had some really great lessons and dropped elder Greenman's off at the president's house in preparation of him going home. Wow! 

Saturday we had a lesson with a family that called us. The AP's have a sign on the back of their truck that says "Do you want a happy family? Call us!" How neat is that? The AP's are awesome they had a lot of office work on Saturday so I got in a lot of study time. 

On Sunday we had 251 people in attendance at church . Wow! President Kretly also gave some "family history" training.

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