Monday, December 2, 2013

Manga 16th Week – December 2, 2012

We had one of the busiest P-days I have yet had last week. We went to our usual place for internet but the internet was out. We walked 15 minutes further but they did not have internet wither. We walked 15 minutes further again and they had internet but really slow computers. I was able to email so it was better than nothing. After we emailed we went to the Palmairas chapel for Christmas program practice. It took an extra hour but it was worth it because Elder Dillie (a senior missionary) made cinnamon rolls.

 On the way to the second place we stopped and took some pictures of a crashed airplane.

The story is that this plane was downed during one of the wars. It was left there
to decay. It is a cool photo op.

After eating and shopping we had to immediately go to the chapel to send baptismal forms via email to the A.P.’s We walked the train-tracks and took some pictures and got to see some really fast moving trains. We had a good Family Night in our area. We brought Uno and played it. The Mozambicans love it.

Something happened close to us so we had a lockdown on Wednesday. I accidentally made Volcano Fajitas. I used a bit too much spice but they were super tasty. I finished reading Jesus The Christ which is such a good book. Everything was back to normal on Thursday (Thanksgiving)

At one of our investigators house I saw a bloody plastic bag. I asked what was in it. They were excited to show us. It was literally the head of a cow. They bought it for 500 mt at the slaughter house. They bought it for their daughter’s birthday. During the lesson the mother was busy cutting it up. They were really disappointed when they found out the cow head did not contain the tongue.

One day there was a 4 to 6 year old boy standing on the pathways playing with an empty beer bottle. We were walking towards him. Coming from the opposite direction directly at him was a motorcycle. He was busy and not paying attention because he was looking at us. I said “Cuidado” which literally means “care or “careful” but is used as an idiomatic expression meaning “watch-out”. He didn’t listen so I reached over and picked him up to move him off the path. I guess I scared him because a look of doom came into his eyes, he started crying and saying “Mama, Mama”. When I set him down on the other side of the path he instantly was fine. It made me laugh.

Elder Galland and I did division in my old area on Saturday. It was strange being with my old companion in my old area. It honestly felt like we were companions again. We had some good lessons. Elder Galland and Lynn have some super good families. A couple that should be getting married before the end of the year. We had an awesome first lesson also. It was at night way out but it was so worth the walk.

Sunday was the first day of December. It was a very difficult Sunday. The power was out from 800 to 1400. Which means the entire time we were in church we did not have power. It was so hot. Global warming is real, it’s just I call it “summer” and it happens once a year. Here in Mozambique summer happens to happen in December. Other than the lack of power it was a good Sunday I contacted a man from Quilimane. He was a very nice man and wanted to buy me a coke but it was Sunday and it was Fast Sunday so I declined. He asked “what can we do so I will remember this?” I thought for a bit and said “We are going to pray right now!” So we did and it was nice.

Some days are hard, we were going to walk with a member but it fell through and one of our more sure families told us they were having problems and don’t think they want to get married. It was one of those days. It was a good day but we just had some disappointments. We did have some good lessons that day and one of our families should be getting some documents for marriage next week. I can’t complain, I am in AFRICA, I get to serve a great mission with amazing people.


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