Monday, December 23, 2013

Managa 19th Week - December 23, 2013

Wow transfers! Northing changed in my companionship. Elder Schachterle and I will continue to live the dream in Manga 1B. It will be an awesome transfer. The last one of 2013! One sad thing, Elder Mason was transferred out of our house L But… the new zone leader is Elder Cummings and he’s in our house with the other zone leader, Elder Ensalado.

We got the bikes fixed so we ride them to church now and walk the rest of the way to our area.

Elder Kanaga say this is cabbage or lettuce (he was not sure how to tell them apart)
with potato, diced bell pepper, home made ranch and my Faux Hot Wings recipe.
I had a great contact this week. Two kids walked by with beer. I told them they should not drink it. They assure me all three bottles were for their Mom. They man standing next to me said “It’s bad for you”. He said he hadn’t smoked or drank his whole life. DING! “Oh really?” I asked. He replied “Since birth”. As we talked he was very accepting of the invitation to come to church and receive a visit. We will have to see how that goes on Saturday. It rained A lot this week especially that particular morning from 4am to 11am. Not that we experienced heavy lightening or house-shaking thunder or anything that would wake me from a dead sleep!
We got to teach the English class Wednesday. We started out by teaching colors. We did ROYGBIV. It was very successful (other than the I for Indigo). We didn’t know the Portuguese word for Indigo. Neither did anyone else, or our dictionaries for that matter. We just explained a little what indigo is and told them it wasn’t important. It was really fun to teach English. It was hard not to just speak Portuguese

We talked with C----- & N------- about their plans to go to the temple since they have been married and baptized for a year and a half. During that awesome visit, at about 1900 hours, it started raining. The rain got worse and worse. We got to the church where our bikes were. My front tire was low/flat we went through some deep puddles and our rain boots were literally full of water when we finally made it home. It was a crazy day but we had a good day with some good lessons.

It kept raining the next day and we had a lot of dropped lessons. For whatever reason, when the rain comes, people disappear. We did get a couple of lessons. At 1800 hours we had a meeting with the branch president. That was really good and we had an awesome lesson with the family of C------ & J----. It was just an awesome spirit. I really like this family and I really think I will see them married and baptized. I hope so at least.

This week we went to S---’s house to fix her roof because part of it was collapsed. We got there around 9-ish and started taking down the old roof. We put up the new one. It was nice and sunny for our 8 hour service project. To get the new roof up we had to build a ladder on the spot. But the roof is now really good. I hope now that when rain comes, none will enter their house. After the roof we went home and ate super quick then went out to the area. It wasn’t a fantastic day in the area but I’m not going to worry about it because we did have some awesome service that day.


We had a great lesson with N---- and F----. Sunday we had church and correlation meeting. Then we went to our Christmas Program. IT was good (for the second time). We read the Christmas Story with some families afterwards. It has been a good week.


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