Monday, December 9, 2013

Manga 17th Week – December 9, 2013

This transfer is flying by! I was so happy last weeks email went so smoothly. We went to the beach for pictures and were able to get some really cool ones. We ate and went to the wood market. There was a lot of cool hand carved things there. I wish I could take pictures but I don’t think they would like that. After the wood market we went shopping and came home. We had to walk part way because the “taxi” we were in ran out of gas. It wasn’t so bad. We did Family Night in our area. It was at E---- and J---- home. It did not go the way we wanted it to. The Mozambican’s love to Limo (the game with a stick). It was hilarious to watch them try and some were actually impressively good.

We had a lesson trying to explain how marriage is a commandment that is more important than Lebolo (Lebolo is an African dowry tradition). I really hope he realizes the importance. Lebolo has quite an effect on a lot of the people here. We also had a very good lesson with a family. We have a hard time sitting with the husband because he has been busy at work. They are a good family and I really like them.  We taught reviewed the Restoration with an investigator Elder Schachterle found on the division. He is very smart. His name is M-----. He remembered almost every single part of the lesson he had been taught last Saturday.

Some of our investigators can only meet in the morning so we used Friday as a flip-flop day. We wore our boots and put our scriptures in plastic bags because it was pouring rain. By the time we got to our area it quit raining and became a rather hot day. The rain boots didn’t help and I got a bit of  a sunburn due to the harsher morning sun. Interestingly morning sun here burns but after about 1100 it really doesn’t. Anyway it was a goo day with some really good lessons. One lesson was tuning into a “bible-bashing” lesson which doesn’t really happen a lot or even at all here. We just stopped the lesson and invited him to pray.

We had the baptism of Maria Saturday morning. I gave a surprise talk on the Holy Ghost. I think that my talk was only 3 minutes but I don’t know. I hope it was good. Last minute but also in Portuguese was kind of hard for me.

One of our evening lessons was really great. It was with the family of C------ and J----. They were gone when we got there but their oldest son F------ and Younger son J--- were there. They weren’t with us when we taught the restoration to the family so we taught it to them as we waited for their parents to get home. When C----- got home we had a really good Word of Wisdom lesson.

Sunday was a great day. There was a child with an ASU shirt on – GO ARIZONA! After church, we had a restoration lesson with A------  and I---. They both were interested and participated. I accidentally left my planner at their house. When I realized I didn’t have it I was really worried. It’s funny to find how attached I am to my planners now. I was able to walk back and get it.

This coin is 5mt. It is equal to about 3 cents and is how much a banana costs
Now I will sound very spoiled and bratty. Eating grapes with seeds is really annoying.


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