Monday, December 16, 2013

Manga 18th week - December 16, 2013

Last P-day Elder Schachterle emailed and then went to get some rooftop city-scape pictures. At one building we had to hike up 20 or so flights of stairs only to find the roof access was locked. It was not in vain, we still were able to take a few really cool photos. We ate at our usual P-day traditional place, went shopping (where I found a pair of pants that fit for 15 met (about 50 cents US) and came home to rest. We went into our area and had a Family Night at C------- and J----- Home. It went well. We played “Do You Love Your Neighbor?” We also played a game “I have never”. On the way home we got a Belea that when they found out we were from the church, they started playing a Brazilian religious station. Funny enough the song “Grandioso Es Tu” (How Great Thou Art) came on, It was nice to listen to that.


Tuesday we were able to attend our branch mission prep class. It was a very good experience. We sung “Count your Blessings” and I was asked to give an impromptu spiritual thought.

I started feeling really bad during Wednesday studies. We went out to our area and I was not good during the day. I felt weak, and had a headache and stomach ache. When we got home I immediately went to bed. Thursday was the same. I wasn’t feeling really great but felt I could go out. Throughout the day I started feeling worse. Elder Schachterle needed to practice the piano for the Christmas program so I slept on the floor. On the way home, two big dogs jumped a wall and chased a person then jumped back over their wall. I hope they never do that to me. Upon getting home I went to bed straight away.  

By Friday I was feeling better but all of our lessons fell through. We were able to do some lessons with our recent converts so it was still a good day.


Saturday, we had a baptism. A day can’t start out better than that. We also were able to walk with J------ S--------- and were able to get some really good lessons in. We have two families we are teaching right now. In both families the husband wants the lessons but the wife is indifferent. But Saturday was different. In both of the families, the wives seemed enthusiastic.


I saw a cool thing. A man was walking down a path and I hear “Pai, Pai!” (Dad, Dad) and two little children come running down the path to greet their dad home from a day of work. How great is that!

It is G---, a Joven (youth) that walks with us, one year mark as a member. I made him a cake to celebrate. I also made an omlet but I need to work on the flipping part… After church on Sunday we had a quick lesson, made some contacts and went home for lunch which was a breakfast burrito. We then went to the Palmeiras chapel for the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional! *ROCKED*. We sang and it was really good. I would have liked it better if I could actually sing but it was still great.

This is the close of a transfer. Three solid transfers and MTC done, wow, I am actually surprised how fast time is going.

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