Monday, September 16, 2013

Manga 5th Week - September 16, 2013

No pictures today but a little Family and Friends Message:

Hey America

Yeah it’s pretty cool I am doing the work of our Loving Heavenly Father here in Africa.

This week has been crazy and I cannot believe 12 years ago we watched the tragedy of September 11th. I can remember that moment like it was yesterday and I will never forget it. I pray for those who were affected by it and I hope you all will too.

We had quite the miracle this week. We were at the Muncipio helping a couple with marriage papers. We were told we couldn’t get the needed documents that day and to come back the next. To have the this couple in the collective marriage on the 21st we had to do it that day mesmo (the same day). We talked to another guy, who cared about working that day. He was super nice and went and immediately started typing the document. When he finished he said the boss who needed to sign it wasn’t there and to come back later. We did and he had typed out a different companionship’s papers. He told us it would now be impossible to get it that day. Then this young lady told us to wait a minute, within 20 minutes we had a signed document. 

Then we went to the infamous registro. The lady who would be helping us absolutely hates us, but she wrote what she needed to and said to come pick up the finished stuff on the 24th, which wouldn’t work, then somehow she changed her mind to the 20th! God is blessing this family.

This morning before coveted email time, we went and looked at some ostriches and huge cows and a really cool field! I hope you like the pictures (if I can ever send them).

Everyone - Be thankful for the small things; sinks, showers, lights, your floor, and every little thing you never think about. No one has it here. I miss it all!

Love you all - Elder Kanaga

 Mama Editor: He was not able to send the pictures. He was at an internet café that didn’t have the ability to upload pictures.

In his private email to us he wrote:
The breaker was smoking so we switched it off. Our power has been out the past 3 days again. Food has gone bad in the fridge and the house is sweltering. I haven’t been able to do laundry. Bucket showers actually aren’t that bad. GO AFRICA! We will hopefully be getting the power fixed today.

A testimony building experience I had this week: We had a first lesson with a man and his wife. They did not know anything about God or anything. They were accepting and able to learn. We told the husband he needed to pray to know if the church is true. He knelt down and said "Dear Father in Heaven, I am asking if this church is true?" He waited for a good four minutes then closed his prayer. He said his heart was beating very fast. We told him it was the spirit.

We emailed about the difficulty he was having during Sunday meetings understanding the language he wrote:
I think Sundays will get better but it will be a while. I do miss our home ward a lot. I have actually been thinking of our oh-so-amazing priest quorum a lot lately. Especially ________, he is such an example to me and he has no idea. I really look up to him.

Mama Editor Explanation: In respect for the privacy of others, I often removed names so if things sometimes read strange (for example: “a man and his wife” or “Especially ________”) it is because I have removed the name he mentioned.

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