Monday, September 9, 2013

Manga 4th Week - September 9, 2013

Family and Friends,
This week was good! We got a lot done. We are teaching five families.
On Monday or Tuesday we had a war with wasps. We were in our rooms and walked into the kitchen. Someone had left the back door open and there were about fifteen big tan colored wasps assaulting our kitchen light fixture. Elder Thomas and Elder Lynn went in with a towel and a fly swatter. About 15 minutes later we had a bunch of dead wasps! Luckily nobody was stung.
Wednesday Elder Galland and Elder Robinson went to a funeral of a member (who was Elder Gallands first baptism here while he was being trained by Elder Robinson).  I stayed in the Manga 2 house with Elder Houston who was sick. I did a lot of reading and was able to watch the DVD “The Testaments: Of One Fold and One Shepherd”.
We had a family night with a family on Friday and it was good. The husband has a gift for understanding and applying the Book of Mormon! Then they fed us Chima and Peix Seca. Peix Seca is dry fish. They take fish and dry it on the roof for two weeks, then heat them up.
Last week we had our first ride in a tchopella which is a little three wheeled car. It has enough room to fit two (comfortable) or three (squished) missionaries. However, we fit four missionaries in it with all of our groceries. It was a fun and a super bumpy ride. I will get a picture of a tchopella one day and send it home.
I am constantly being blessed and loved by Heavenly Father and I know I need to have patience and persevere. This is truly an adventure. I know I will look back on the hardest times with fondness. I know that blessings come by trials.
I miss the temple and the ability to go there and do work and feel that spirit. However, I know I am here to help the living right now.
To answer Mom’s questions – My foot is all better and healed up. This will be a sure test for my shoes over time. Walking has not been painful and they seem to be holding up nicely so far. I have not had any blisters, even with all the walking. Sundays are still hard because of heat and language, but I do enjoy when investigators come and I can tell they love it.
I love you guys and always look forward to hearing from you.
Working for Chick-fil-A the summer between his sophmore & jr. year  taught him a few things.
He sent this picture and a proud little message "I fried chicken!" Looks like American food to me.

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