Monday, August 12, 2013

Elder Kanaga from Mozambique! August 12th 2013

Wow! He made it and it sounds like he is fed, rested, happy and ready to go!

I am in Africa!! Wow it is so awesome here! 

The trip here was a bit rough, I am pretty sure that I understand more Portuguese than I do English with a British accent. When we were in Heathrow London, not only could I not find any fast food (or any appetizing food) but I could not understand a single person.

But all that was worth it.

When we flew into Mozambique, we had to go through customs. None of us knew the address we needed for the form. Finally one of us remembered that he had the mailing address written in his notebook. So we finally got through, but only one bag showed up! One of my bags had made it, the other elders bags had not. We went to the baggage claim office and made a claim. The worker told us they had another flight coming from South Africa and it'd probably be on that.

So we hopped in a Chapa (van) and did some absolutely crazy driving to the district conference that was just ending in a beautiful chapel in Matola. There I saw Elder Embeyer and Elder Reed, who are serving around Matola and Maputo.

We drove to the Mission office, where we will be staying for a couple days. We ate some pasta for lunch and PB & J for dinner (SCORE!!) So much better than any of the flight food, or any of that found in the Heathrow Airport.

Then we did lots and lots of sleeping. 

My first Area will be in Manga, the Manga 1C Area. My trainer is named Elder Galland, I have not yet met him. Before I go to my area we have to go to the embassy and to immigration for all kinds of fun to be allowed to stay here.

For Manga, since it is in the north, I will pack everything I need for six (or more) weeks into one duffel bag. Woo-hoo! Go minimalistic living! I love it! 

This place is absolutely amazing and I love it and the people already!

Love you all and look forward to hearing from you!

Elder Kanaga

This picture is a representative all 26 digital pictures he sent of aircraft wings. I think this picture looks the same as the other 25 aircraft wing pictures.

In his personal email he mentioned that  the pouch mail from parents, Bailee and Celine were received! Yea!

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