Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6th Family and Friends P-day Email

Family and Friends
P-Day Email August 6, 2013

In our private email, he indicated that he was disappointed that he was not able to travel to Mozambique as planned but that "He (Heavenly Father) has a plan and I know whatever happens is for the best". His biggest worry about a re-assignment is that all of his clothing is for warm weather.

Now his Family and Friends email:

Wow what a week!
I definitely did not think I would be in the United Sates of America right now, but hey I’ll betcha the Lords plan is way cooler than mine.
So this week we had Malaria medication education. It was cool we are going to be using Doxycycline, which is the least expensive, and one of the more effective. We will take it daily.
On Thursday we had in field orientation. Let me say it was a long 12 hours, but it was also awesome. We had lots of break out sessions and little activities and stuff. One of the cool things was one of our breakout teachers was a French convert. He was awesome and really reminded me of Joel Bart!! I miss my French brother.
One of his cool stories was when he was being taught by the missionaries. He was originally atheist, however for whatever reason agreed to listen to the missionaries. He said their French was horrible. In the first lesson (or two) he said "I did not understand one word they said, I promise you not one." however he then told us it really didn’t matter because he could feel the Spirit so strongly. These two young missionaries who couldn’t speak a word of French had a powerful testimony in which the spirit was able to bear witness of truth through.
His other story was about a young couple who were getting married. They were poor and could not afford a big wedding. A custom was to provide wine for each of their guests. However they could not afford wine. They had a brilliant idea. They would ask each guest to bring a cup of wine. As the guests entered they would each pour their wine into a barrel, and at the end everyone could enjoy he wine together. At the end of their wedding, as custom they approached the full barrel. The groom took the first cup, and in surprise brought a liquid that was very much water rather than wine. What happened?
Each person had thought, "Well if everyone is bringing a cup of wine, no one will notice if I bring a cup of water." Everyone had not done their part, they had all brought water. The moral of the story is to bring a cup of wine. If you bring your best effort and contribute and "Lift where you stand" it will all work out.
We met a man from South Africa. He talked very highly of Mozambique and said you will do great things there! I cant wait to do it! He also said the ocean is "like bathwater" meaning very hot haha!
A pretty cool experience this week was that we got to see our sister district 70-f open their re-assignments. How cool!! We are so close with them and I sincerely miss them! They will change lives and bring souls unto the Kingdom of God.
So right after I found out I would not be serving in Mozambique for a bit (hopefully not for long). I was watching some Mormon Messages. I came across one of my very favorites! It is called "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" It is so cool! The quote at the end is so cool! "Of all the titles of Respect and Honor and Admiration that are given to Deity, He asks us to address Him as Father." - Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
I love that quote. How incredibly lucky are we!
I found out that my teacher Irmão Belchior played soccer with my Cousin Jodan Young! Small world right!
So I don’t know much about my visa. I do know it is not here. They said that "If it is looking like it will be a little bit, then you will be re-assigned" Either a reassignment or Mozambique travel plans will come via my mailbox. I will keep you guys posted. When my travel leader told me that I didn’t get my visa, he said they said it shouldn’t be longer than Wednesday or Thursday. If that is the case, it leads me to think that if it is not here by then, I may be receiving a re-assignment around Friday.
Two missions for the price of one? Haha we'll see!
I love you all, and thank you so much for your words of support and encouragement!
Elder Kanaga


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