Monday, November 4, 2013

Manga 12th Week - November 4, 2013

Friends and Family,

Whooooo! I loved P-day last week. We didn’t do anything crazy but that’s almost what I love the most. Just resting and relaxing. We emailed, ate at our regular place, went shopping then home. We cleaned the house and then played UNO. We rested and talked. We mostly talked about transfers because we were excited about them. We decided we needed to finish this transfer hard by having a great last week.

At 1800 we went out to our area. We went to help L--- prepare for her talk. She will be speaking in church on the 10th of November. That will be two talks from our recent convert family. Whoop! After helping L--- we did some contacting. While walking looking for contacts, Elder Galland and I had a good talk about super powers. We had a lesson with J---- and R---. We are having difficulties getting them to understand and accept the Sabbath Day. I know J---- knows this church is true. I know he received a confirmation to the kneeling prayer we had during the first lesson. I can see how much he has already changed and grown. I hope he can continue.

Tuesday we stopped by T----’s house to do some Book of Mormon reading with his family. He said “So I had an idea, and I wanted to know if it would work. I was thinking it is not either of your time to go. I still need your teachings. I have Elder Greenman’s number. So I was going to call him and explain that you can’t leave yet”. Although it is so nice to feel so loved by this family, we had to explain that we have a mission president who makes the changes and even Elder Greenman could be leaving. He was sad but he said he would just pray really hard.

A few weeks ago, T---- had asked if Dad would write him a letter. Last Monday, Dad emailed the letter and I translated it and gave it to T---- on Tuesday. He was so happy, he is writing one back for me to translate in to English and send to Dad. Tuesday I also finished reading D&C and Pearl of Great Price.

We only had three lessons on Wednesday. We did a lot of walking, but it was a pretty slow day all things considered. Thursday (Halloween), a lot of appointments for lessons started to fall through and we were so tired. We started playing with some kids and then the lesson appointments started working out. A night that seemed like it was going to be super dead, ended up being really good. I bought a box of  Bon-O-Bons for our house to share for Halloween.

We slept in Elder Greenman and Mason’s room. This is because we were almost out of Cred-Elec or electricity. We moved mattresses into their room and so we would only have one air conditioner running. It ended up being really great sleep. I actually think that sleeping on a mattress pad on the floor is the best sleep I have had on my mission. Go figure!

For the first time on my mission I have been called “Mormon” it was during a contact. I miss that a bit, it was nice to hear.

Friday was a new month and we had some very good lessons. We found a man that was baptized in 2002. His wife and kids were not. We taught an awesome lesson and helped his wife do the dishes. We had to go back to the house for someone to come fix the air conditioners. One thing led to another and a ladder bent. It fell and broke a window. When we went to see what happened, I was sure I was going to see a Moçambican minus five toes. He was wearing steel toed boots and the entire steel toe was cut off and hanging on by a thread. Miraculously however, his foot was untouched. That was some excitement.

We woke up early on Saturday to help Elder Schachterle  and Lynn’s investigator build his house (or build onto it). We dug trenches, stacked rocks, mixed cement and dug some more. It was super good work and the Mozambican sun was way hot. We had a 1 hour and 45 minute walk back afterwards, it was long and we were hot and tired. Sadly most of our lessons fell through that day. It was still a good day.

Sunday was sadly a very unproductive day. Rain came down and that didn’t help. It was Fast Sunday, during Fast and Testimony meeting a young boy went to the pulpit to bear testimony. He said “Eu Sei que Deus vive…Shi” or “I know that God lives… Holy Crap!” I think he got up there and 1. Forgot everything he was going to say 2. Realized there were a lot more people than he thought.

Mama Editor: Sadly Elder Kanaga’s computer crashed and the internet was having issues. I never received the remainder of his Friends and Family letter. I have included some information below from the private email he sent us.

Transfers were this week. His new companion is Elder Schachterle. He is in the same house (with Elders Schachterle, Ensalado, Mason, Galland, and Lynn). His area changed and is now a couple of miles away. He is still in the same branch so he will be able to see the investigators and new members he loves.

They had spotty power at the house and no water for three days. They usually have containers filled with water for this reason. The last time there was no water, they used their stored water, and then neglected to replenish it. When writing about the power and water being unreliable in their house, he wrote; “It just makes me realize how for granted I have been taking every little thing in life.”

A monkey a family keeps as a pet. They say it doesn't bite but it
does scream at the elders. It has a little house on top of a pole.

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