Monday, October 28, 2013

Manga 11th Week - October 28, 2013

Friends and Family,

P-day was good. At our regular food place I got the chicken with Piri-Piri on it. It turned out to be a little hot for me. My stomach hurt and my lips were on fire! We were going to go golfing but ended up not. When we got home, we rested and played some good Monopoly. Then, our power went out again (Dal I think I jinxed myself and the house by telling you the electric was fixed).

Tuesday we had to go to pay the water bill. It was a long hot walk. However, on our way back, we found a stand that was selling lichas. Lichas is a fruit about the size of a large grape. They have a spiky skin that has to be peeled off. I don’t even know how to describe the taste, but they are really good.
Mama Editor: These are pictures I found of lichas on the web. They are also known as Rambutan or Lychees.
Tuesday every single one of our lessons fell through. The clouds rolled in, which I normally would be overjoyed about. However, I got one of the worst headaches ever. When we got home I went directly to bed. It was really bad but I eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday, nothing crazy happened. We had some good lessons and it was really nice outside. At 1500 we had to come home because we had an electrician coming. At home we waited and waited and waited. Finally at 1700 the electrician came. Around 1745 he finished and we have electricity again. It amazes me how quickly we forget how big of a blessing having power is. We STOP being thankful after a week of electricity. I am going to try not to forget, I am going to try to thank Heavenly Father for every single tender mercy I have been given. It does make me laugh though, even on a small scale comparison, you can see the natural man forgetting how God blesses us. It is a pattern we see many times in the scriptures. Another blessing we were given on Wednesday was while we were waiting, it poured rain. We were lucky enough to be inside while it was raining. We got the rain without getting wet! Even though nothing crazy happened, it was a very good day.

Thursday was not one of my best days, a lot of lessons fell through. Something cool that happened, while walking by our house, we saw some kids with mud guitars. We had some Elders who were sick run our cameras out really quick to take some pictures. Here comes the part of “my luck”. My camera case fell and my card reader must have fallen out. The fault is mine. Looking closely you can see my card reader on the ground in one of the pictures. It had a 1GB and a 512MB card in it. So I lost those too. Luckily the cards didn’t have any pictures from Mozambique on them. They were “transfer cards” I would use to store pictures family emailed. 

The kids are so creative here!
They make stuff from garbage and mud all the time.
On a good note though, we had a very good lesson with V- - - - -. He really wants to be baptized. He really loves us, so at least my day finished happy.

Friday was a long day. I woke up with a really bad headache so my trainer decided it would be best to rest for the day so that I would hopefully not get sick. I slept the entire day. I felt supper bad about not working but the rest was needed. I felt so much better afterwards. We did compare journal entries. It was kind of fun to see how we viewed different day and what we chose to write about.

Saturday was a slow day. Unfortunately we did not have much scheduled due to Friday. The couple of lessons we did have scheduled fell through. A funny thing is, I found a couple of kids who may have picked up my card reader. I told them if one of them found it and could return it to me, I would pay 50MT. So I hope one of them is able to get it to me.

Sunday I was pretty tired after church but afterwards we had a really good lesson with a new investigator C-----. I think he and his parents will make it to baptisms.

This is week number 12 coming up which is the end of transfer two. How cool!
Elder Kanaga
Elder Kanaga said he made this chicken and topped it with
onions, tomato, banana, mango, bell peppers and spicy peppers.

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