Monday, November 18, 2013

Manga 14th Week - November 18, 2013

Last week during P-Day email, the internet went down a couple of times. That always stresses me out but email still rocked. When we got to our area that evening, we had a family night with F-------- and D----. There were nine people attending including my companion and I, three branch missionaries and four investigators. D---- gave the spiritual thought. We played Chefe Cadeira where you are assigned a number, stand in a circle and one person stands in the middle. Everyone pats their leg in rhythm as the person in the middle says “Chefe Cadeira”. Everyone shouts back “Cadeeira Chefe”. This is repeated twice. Then the person in the middle says “Chefe Chama (and says a number)”. If the person in the middle calls your number, you have to say “(your number) Chama (someone elses number). This keep going until someone is too slow, forgets to respond or calls a number that hasn’t been assigned to a player.  If that happens, that person is out. The players have to keep track of the other players numbers so they know which number to call. It is a fast and fun game. We also played “Would You Rather” with a Mozambican twist. When we described this game they misunderstood it. So everyone thought the goal was to convince “it” of the option they didn’t choose. I was asked if I would rather have two wives or one. I chose one of course. That was fun. I was asked if I would rather stay single or marry. I chose to marry. These Mozambican’s are a lot of fun.

We had some really great lessons with E---- and M--, he is super humble and I love him. Sadly, a lot of lessons are dropping, but we had a baptismal interview with S---. We walked with J------ C----, he is awesome and will be a great and powerful missionary. I had divisions on Friday back in my old area and had a lot of good lessons. We walked with A------ D----. He was all dressed up and really helped in the lessons. It is amazing to see how much he has grown in the gospel.

We had a baptism on Saturday morning. It was really good. Then we needed to buy gas in preparation for Election week. That was a bit of a goat-rope and took a while. When we got home we ate lunch, had personal study time, and companion study. After that we set off for our area. We were going to a house on the farther side of our area, about five minutes before we got to that house, for no reason, I checked the phone. We had missed a call from someone in Beira. I called back and was asked if we had received a call from the zone leader. He said all missionaries were to return to our homes and check in with our zone leader. We abruptly turned around. A bit later we got a call from the senior missionary that we were to stay put until further notice. By Sunday everything was back to normal.

Elder Kanaga dumb move of the week: I was smelling my new shampoo (lime and grapefruit) and squeezing the bottle to get a little more smell out but some shampoo shot out of the bottle and hit my nose.

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