Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Manga 9th Week - October 14, 2013

Family and Friends,

Sorry for not sending a Family and Friends letter last week

 Last week rained a lot and hard.

 We wore rain boots. Mine had holes, oh yay! We had to run through puddles that were up to our knees, very gross water.


The main highlight of last week was Zone conference. President Kretly knows how to bring the spirit. He is so amazing!

Zone Conference picture taken from President Kretly's site

Sunday was fast Sunday, and we had a family power hour!  There is a very special family. They were one of the families baptized on September 20th (I had the privilege of baptizing the mother and the son). I consider this family my here in MOZ. They are so fun and happy. Four of the five members of this very special family that were baptized on September 20th, got up to bear their testimonies! It was so good they were naturals!

This week we had interviews with president! He came to Manga to do them. He gave us really good advice and guidance. After he left, we had one of the best days of my mission. It just went so good.

I also played tic-tac-toe in the dirt with some of the local kids. They honestly are really good at it. I got beat once and I know the secret to it! We had a good time. The kids here are so amazing they are just always happy.

This week I had an interesting coincidental thought.

Last October my Father asked me, "Where will you be in one year"

It was just after the announcement in conference about earlier mission age. Dad and I thought that a year from that time I could be any where in the world.

Now I am in Africa serving the Lord. I could hear my dads voice in my head this week ask me, "Where will you be in one year"

I know a year from now I will be here in Mozambique. I have no idea where.

Next October, I will ask myself "Where will I be in one year"

Two years from now, I know I will be home. I don’t know what I will be doing or a lot of things. Time is interesting and it is important to live in the moment while still planning for the future.

This Sunday the father of the special family (that bore their testimonies last Sunday) gave a talk on faith. He did so good. It was really funny, he was assigned five minutes, but he talked 10 minutes. In his talk he said, "Maybe next time they will give me ten." He is a natural leader!

Dad’s quote was right
Mom Editor: (The quote he is talking about is something his dad passed on from a speaker in Mesa 30th ward on Sunday 10/13. The speaker said: “2013 will be a significant year in Church History. It will be remembered as the year that the work throughout the world was hastened”)
Missionaries are a force to be reckoned with. We are literally God’s army. It always amazes me. I love how many people drop everything in their lives to go share the restored gospel with people they don’t know. I am here in Africa, the farthest I can be, walking around talking to everyone. Seeing if they want to come unto Christ and receive His gospel. That is something that no other organization could achieve.


Because this is the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ

Elder Kanaga

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