Monday, May 26, 2014

Maxixe 41st week - May 26, 2014

This was quite the week. To kick it off we had a lesson first thing on Monday morning with Axxxxxx and Dxxxx. They accepted the Law of Chastity and we set a baptism date. Wednesday, we had another lesson with them and they are pretty darn set into tradition. Big party, all the family, on and on it goes. They want to put it off getting married for five months. We are going to keep pushing along a bit with them to see if we can help them see the importance of keeping the Law of Chastity. Last thing of the night on Thursday, we made a last ditch effort with them. We brought “E um Milagre” to watch with them. The video is about couples here in Mozambique sacrificing tradition to satisfy God and testifying of the blessings of keeping the Law of Chastity. Unfortunately, tradition is hard to overcome, it makes me sad when I hear,"Oh well we are already sinning, we are already sinners. We’ll just put it off until we are ready".

Tuesday we had a lesson with Jxxxxxx and Lxxxx. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They understood very well. We had another good lesson with them on Thursday and they are starting on documents.  Later this week, we had a great Word of Wisdom lesson with them. Jxxxxxx has a bit of a problem with drinking, but said he would give it up because he wants to obey God.

Wednesday started out pretty rough but we had a great lesson on the Law of Chastity with Pxxxx and his wife. They really accepted to live it and made some good realistic plans of how they are going to do the documents. Saturday we taught them about the Book of Mormon. They are really pushing forward with documents.

Something annoying: When I put insect repellent on and not too long afterwards, watch a mosquito hover over my hand. Of course, I am thinking, “Ha! I have a force field of repellent! What are you going to do now evil blood sucker?” Immediately after that thought, the mosquito landed and started to bite me! I swat at him and he flew away because I missed.

We had a temple preparation class (way out there) with Gxxxxxx and Lxxxxx. It is a long walk and that’s walking at a missionary fast pace. During that long walk I got to thinking about time and how interesting of a thing it is. It is absolutely constant, never changing. However, depending on us, on some occasions, we perceive it differently. It feels like such a short time ago I graduated, yet it was a whole year ago.  I thought of two common sayings.
#1 “I don’t have time” – Actually this one is true, nobody has time. It is impossible to own time. All the money in the world can not create more time.
#2 “ Time is money” – No time is time and money is money.
 The way we use time is really important. Here is a little phrase I thought of:
We have just passed the past and are now opening the present to see what is in the future.
Every moment that passes becomes the past, a memory, let’s all make good memories!
During a lesson this week, there was a dog in the next yard over making some odd noises. It made me smile as I remembered the time we had the missionaries over. We had locked our two dogs Baby and Luv in another room so they wouldn't pester the missionaries as we ate. As the missionaries were finishing up by leaving us a message, Luv started making some very un-doggy ruckus. It was very distracting and one of the missionaries turned and asked us something to the effect of “is she okay or is that normal?” Unfortunately for Luv it was normal.

While we walked one day, we watched a boy climb up a 30 foot or taller coconut tree drop a bunch of coconuts and then climb back down. all with his bare feet and hands. Wow!

Saturday I got the courage to bend my glasses because they were getting so loose. I got a pot of boiling water and dipped the ear pieces in for a bit and adjusted them. It worked like a charm. It left some white residue on the glasses that I cannot remove.

Sunday we had a good group of 46 people at church and I got to teach Principles of the Gospel class as the teacher couldn’t make it today. After church we had a meeting with President Chambal. That took up quite a bit of time. Then we had a good lesson with Cxxxxx and Axxxxxx. The lesson was on the Law of Chastity, they accepted well. Cxxxxx is worried about money as he doesn't have steady work. We promised that there would be a path prepared if they take a step of faith.

I have changed, last P-Day I bought (get this) broccoli, mushrooms and onions. Who is this kid? With these ingredients I made the best pizza. I didn’t use cheese. What has happened to me? I made a fantastic stir-fry. I cannot believe I have been missing all of these good vegetables my whole life! I am pretty sure I am at the point that I will eat about anything and probably like it.

Mama Editor Note: To understand how much Elder Kanaga’s eating habits have changed, I must tell you this is the boy who would not (WOULD NOT) touch vegetables (unless I tricked him by putting yellow crookneck squash in smoothies and shakes or made enchilada sauce out of pumpkin puree or other such mommy tricks). He didn’t like the texture of melons and a lot of other fruits. Up until he was a teenager, if we went to Sweet Tomatoes he would pile his plate with nothing but cheese. He loved cheese! In fact I didn’t realize how much of my grocery budget went to cheese until after he left and I didn’t have to buy it anymore.

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